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rivers meet

roads cross

religions greet

rains emboss

world of fire

wheel of power

will of desire

welcome, this hour


© Sonya Rose

Mother Scorpion

November 18, 2007 § 2 Comments

she can’t afford to play politics


hmm … who can afford to play

politics i say to that man

behind my back…

that’s why we are not



nobody understands…

quite yet

makes sense later…

how much longer

will she wait, the man says

it’s been about two years

he continues…

hmm … i am sorry for her,

this used woman

that year

holds a rope

with a noose…

money falling

out of her pockets

for the contest

of her lover

she goes behind…

the bleachers and starts

to march up the stairs

in the middle

of four

other platforms

with four other woman

who are waiting

on the diving boards

the dirt of loving death

…because i was there

in her shoes when there was

only one woman,

loving the game player

who she has gone back

to what will be known

as heartache seven

written in the sand…

i am writing in his black

book, the damage

he is causing…

i have left New York

and it has brought



to this higher plane

of existence

where my skin

is shedding

from the sun…

i can finally see…

the reality of the situation

below the mark on the breast

from the bite of the fifth

girl stepping up

to the platform…

has faded

across from me

in this private place

is another past love

who rose as well….

much further away

we are from him

who we love

no longer…

we’ve grown

in our senses…

to make our circle


the man who made

US scream…

is vanishing

so, i will stay here

and never go back

or look back

to the moment

i had parted the room

women in waves

were swept away

by one smile…


just one look

and he knew

i was the one

and the one

he did not


on leaving

in the dust

of his very own

hanging by these five

women in the hour


my old skin is raining

on him…

i am glowing

as all he can say

is “he says, she says”

what is this crap?

the she is a brain…

C.R. tells me my vision

or others do not matter


a final God Bless

sad to let this happen


© Sonya Rose

Previsions, along

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a woman depressed

born in the 1920’s

outlived her daughter

and took the funeral


her friend

in the distance, Anne

loves Theater as well

and wonders…

if this striking gifted girl

who reminds the depressed

woman of her daughter

who died…

will be noticed

in her nightclothes…

this gifted girl walks

to her mailbox today,

nothing of importance

is ever in the box

she will have to smash

it and rebuild new

for in her boyfriend’s box

there are 6 letters,

lots of mail…

she had spoke through

my dream tonight

this woman and i was led

to a wonderful surprise

i asked her please

give it to me…

afraid of me now

what will i do?

he’s talking about me now…

i’m on “Previsions”…


© Sonya Rose


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i cancelled to go to the club

two were taking showers

ready to meet

i could not

now, he is being watched

if he’s driving right

he placed the girls

in the rest

of my shoes

beige tweed pumps

…that weekend on the beach

i saw old weapons and went out

the door, immediately past his

rubber boots

dress conservatively, look

at the mirror, see a business suit

so he’s new, parallel…

to the fashion industry

shoes … gold mine information

in Rome..

he spoke English

“how did we get that power?”

a presidential pre-season

when pity should grow up to

be a shame…

“i have been really sentenced

to the world around

Abraham.”, he says-

the bruises on his left cheek

could not be ignored as she

shaved his facial hair

he wore a head


resembling someone

from Palestine

i watched from a distance

as an interview was set-up-


keeping a close-eye if the ball

is thrown at me…

have to get used to handling

the ball, step up to the offensive

side, speak one day

young, inexperienced, talented

positively slow, and they continue

to grow…

the enemy … he

is in our Atlanta

the Prime Minister said

he can’t anymore….

a land of activities

lost half the battle already

here of six


© Sonya Rose

Free Indeed

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Perfection is found
in the deep…
Moving across sound,
the Ruler, too, can’t sleep.
Walks on clouds.
This vision of rings
faces the crowds,
offer openings.
Orbiting the sun…
and no where to run.


© Sonya Rose

She awoke

November 18, 2007 § 2 Comments

She awoke in silence.

All she could hear

was the sound of his heart

beat a night before last.

Everyday to her

is a dream.

Everyday is he.

He is everywhere

she goes…

even to the darkest corners,

he sits…

waiting, watching, wondering

where she goes;

Day after day,

night after night,

the chase is ending.

Cupid is bleeding.

Hearts are fading-

under Love’s arrow,

a dark flame in the psyche.


© Sonya Rose

Sleeping Artist

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God paints our lives with his mind,

sculpts—with his body,

composes—with his soul,

choreographs our entire journey with his spirit…

the increasing height of immortality

is sleeping


© Sonya Rose

She is…

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Nothing else is higher
Than darkness and light
She’s cold as ice, she’s fire
Solidity and spirit, all-right
Her breath is invisible

She’s the wind, she’s pain
Silencing her lover’s soul
She drives him slowly insane
Curled in a sphere knowing

To be and to cease to be
The rising, falling, growing
Man in the moon fights to be free
Her pleasure and her creation

She gives stories, daily in motion
Smell her scent, her sensation
Her sound, her word, her potion
Giver and taker of all, she is

Forming the world out of chaos; his
Flight together with her into life
But, is he strong enough to have her, as his wife…


© Sonya Rose

Fragile Thoughts

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The dawn of truth

is found in dark corners

in deep hours.

I hear laughter

outside my window.

In my room,

I hear nothing;

but, the crushing

of my head-

a state

where I live alone.


© Sonya Rose

Dreams of a Child

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A serpentine fire stole from the skies-
rubies and gold, an awaited sunrise.
I watched you slowly fall from the sun.
My spirit is rising—We meet one on one.
Your eyes are blackholes in my memoir,
spinning round and round an ancient star.
Somewhere in the night, past the
midnight hour,
you chased my soul, a panther of black power.
I was caught in your trap, down a one-way street.
Face to face, you and I finally meet.
…So, you watch me as the guardian gates open-
through your darkness into a dream phenomenon…


© Sonya Rose

Fragrant Life

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A passing bell swings.

Petals of passion

fall three evenings:

common compassion,

equal encounter,

blowing battle blur.

A brilliant-cut dream

bridges suns and rays,

arms in prayer team,

unlimited days,

luminescent lights,

the sting of death rites-

Mosaics of you

…mourn the lovely view.


© Sonya Rose

The Hopes of Heaven

November 14, 2007 § 2 Comments

Staring at one moment in time,
The surround walls vanished.
Sound swept into a void of rhyme.
The beating of my heart banished.

I fell under the surface of a dream.
Held in vehicles, rapt in sleep,
My soul maneuvers to scream.
Earthly treasures to reap.

Fiery sticks, I walked onward.
Faith, repress the part of me.
Chaos travels. Walking toward
Familiar, forgotten fantasy

Coercive crossfire ignites.
Derailing daybreak,
A voice speaks beyond the lights.
“If I should die…my soul to take…”

Step by step, I turn to daylight.
My alarm clock displays seven.
I surrender to the Night-
And a vision,
the hopes of heaven


© Sonya Rose

The Confessional

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Tracking a miracle on the roof,
Sound of buildings, fire-proof,
Felt the sudden urge to stay-home,
She was cleaning his shaving foam
Off the sink, grabbing into her hand,
…A glimpse of his watchband
The open windows were calling.
Fear, her heart was bawling.
A sense of horror, colorless morning
Growing more desperate, mourning,
Images posted, she’s not there.
Oil refinery in her hair,
The sudden gloom became the reason…
He left her crying in every season.
Dying in a city with similar grief,
In the shadowed darkness, no relief,
Her pain was so fierce every holiday…
The time stopped on his watch today.
Her throat had swollen shut by noonday.
Escaping a hellhole, she dreamt herself away….
Ready to find the light at the end,
She kissed his lips and had to pretend
His hands touched her warm cheeks.
She’s glaringly empty, endless weeks….
She wiped her hands across her eyes.
She ran after him…and I sympathize.
Her voice whispers in the darkness.
Both of us are missing someone…I confess.


© Sonya Rose

The Journey

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I looked into the skies tonight.

I see your face just shining bright.

I’ll keep you near and hold you tight

and live with your love for one more night.

The thoughts in my head, I will cherish forever.

My love for you would change not ever.

I would love to be a dove just flying free~

for the world, I’d have all to see.

To be the one just flying high,

across the long and lonesome sky,

would slowly bring a teardrop to my eye.

To see you grin, to see you smile…

for you, I’d walk the earth’s endless mile.

All the journey through life, they will come to an end,

and all my love for you, they’ll send…


© Sonya Rose

Timeless Kiss

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Naked souls dance.

One bleeding heart

unspoken. Chance.

Loving apart

the sound of time


Dream empty rhyme.

Heaven’s napping.

Stars, starving space,

step in sinc. Find

a saving place…

Fate. Two unwind,

soulmate to miss…

spoken, timeless kiss.


© Sonya Rose

Touch of Love

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a person’s touch


tells so much.


As to hold,


to speak




and soon,


all fear





© Sonya Rose


The Violinist

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I watch the ocean at night.

His eyes are glassy in the twilight.

Long ago, he cried and cried.

Not long ago, he slowly died.

His wings spread over the earth.

I set sail on the day of my birth.

…move with time, back and forth.

Somewhere in him points north

on my voyage…

His arms hold me in a mirage,

and then, release the strength;

I am weak in local length.


© Sonya Rose

Traffic Light

November 14, 2007 § Leave a comment

A broken camera—my dad straps around my neck.

A neighbor—Joe arrives, stealing joy by the door.

That afternoon I run to the playground. Frankie! Rain.

Friends come with peanuts. Cake, candles, 3 wishes:

A puppy, a bicycle, money … bubble gum lips-

what truth beholds in the mind, red wagon of a child.

Joe brings a Daschund, smiles … sorry, Sonya child.

At dinner, I drop under the table: turkey neck.

The very last smile … leaves for home—God kisses Joe’s lips.

No longer does our friend come with stories by our door.

Racing down the road—a yellow bike, 8 wishes:

I fly over my handlebars … bright blood on rocks. Rain.

Waking in the night, I tip-toe to mom and dad. Rain.

The devil chases my soul on cobble-stone. Run child.

Sleeping in the night, girls laugh, friends dream 13 wishes:

Throwing my body on an ant hill, boy bites my neck.

Where should I hide? Escaping up ten steps, Oma’s door.

One woman’s passion for youth playing, breathes from her lips…

Kissing for hours behind the barn, opening lips.

I try to outrun the storm, painting silhouettes. Rain.

Acrylics, oils, pencils, all colors swirl through a door.

My family across the ocean calls, sees no child.

Paths taken, travel one-way, spirits around my neck.

Five foot nine, growing in a lady, 20 wishes:

Puddles in the sand, deep ocean, 24 wishes:

Beautiful melody humming, more kisses on my lips.

Bodies in tune: Hands, fingers, soft-skin face, nose, mouth, neck.

Inhaling, exhaling, heat inside a room. Rest. Rain.

Escaping flames in the city, poetic child.

Noises distract my thoughts—incomplete. Come to my door.

Fleeing into the desert, I lock another door.

Sleep mother, my earth is barren, 28 wishes:

Come to my world—run beyond the stars. How lovely, child.

My heart knows only this song: Foreign, familiar lips.

Heart of innocense waits, 3 wishes in painting Rain.

Wishing years of green, red, yellow: Light around my neck.

The turns of bands, the function of time—touch dusty lips.

While waiting in the limits of the day, frame the Rain.

The last actual analysis: a soft line on my neck.


© Sonya Rose

The Great Healing

October 21, 2007 § 4 Comments

Open your heart and share-
your love by God’s decree.
Pray for the suffering everywhere.

The world in great despair
fights to be free…
Open your heart and share-

Invite strangers, foes into your care;
Green peace embrace…Heroes of harmony-
Pray for the suffering everywhere.

Respond with spiritual welfare;
Here with me, heal the agony.
Open your heart and share-

Touch the center of prayer.
The world needs you, like a mystery-
Pray for the suffering everywhere.

In changing times, prepare
to march with mercy…
Open your heart and share-
Pray for the suffering everywhere.

© Sonya Rose

The Bare Tree

October 21, 2007 § 4 Comments

Life is like clockworks…
time travels in mysterious ways:
the hours are minutes-
and months, days.
In this world-
miles from home
with no one to watch over me…
I am not alone.
If I could wish
on every tree I see…
I wish my wings were clipped
and for a moment, not set free;
then, I could make my footprints
in wet sand…

And able to call
this place … home, my land.


© Sonya Rose

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