Not Yet Nine

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


The clock in the wall
never strikes twice-
pounding in my head,
rolling dice.
Is the lucky one me …
or the man in the sun?
His name is Jacob.
I know him a ton.
He owns a ladder;
But, shh! You mustn’t tell.
It’s a secret on high
and I his buyer will rebel…
Until the day I die…
and the ladder is mine.
My final step is not yet nine.


© Sonya Rose

Scream of the Butterfly

December 12, 2008 § Leave a comment


What is your birth name?
A number hidden in black flames.
A white cross
blowing in dross.
The center of existence
draws a circumference
around fluttering pages,
skipping through the ages;
miles long
of the millennium song-
never heard.
My knowledge of a word-
in cities of detachment.
There are no rules,
no choices of schools.
Watch the season pass by
and greet the butterfly.
As she vanishes in the steeple,
so do the people.


© Sonya Rose

Kiss Undercover

December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment


Corners of the world keep
dreamers. We sleep
in a song
We are one boat-
linked to every moat;
in a royal symphony.
A circle, I am-
a child, a lamb
walking on a path,
into a binary bath.
I look around me,
fill a mouth with thee.
Sing a song. He
is harmony.
What do you hear
as I slowly disappear?


© Sonya Rose


December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment


Where will you be-
many years from now…
with me, sleeping in destiny…


Here in my bedroom
I see you behind my eyes.
Empty is my womb.
The morning draws my rise.


The sun flickers
through the drapes…
He is getting sicker
in this endless escape…


© Sonya Rose

War and Peace

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Different faces of devotion
flashed in front of the insane;
Reruns of commotion,
a royal mess in a major vein.
Cut off from opportunity,
tired souls fall over.
Will the world know war 3?
War and Peace—prisoner.


© Sonya Rose

Pleasure Streams

December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment


We know not
which way to run
in darken cellars.
We stand in a circle
of celebrations;
by the vibrations
under our feet.
We feel a storm
is coming.
Yet we cannot see
the rain falling
from the skies…
over us, until
we have drown.


© Sonya Rose


December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment


An old-fashioned junkie
Swallowed once more-
parched on bended knee.
Shadow of recollections in his drawer-
of photographs next to a single bed.
Her rosy lips curled in disgust, the blur…
Breaths of two in one minute, fled-
Moments of mercy for her.
A nurse with emotions recalling…
She wonders alone, goddess of his lot.
Heart bleeds with sadness, bawling…
Hopes for something; knot-
in her tongue, hand on his face…
His gray-green eyes, barrier to lies,
no longer sparkled in this place.
He listened and heard, “Don’t die”.
The room rushed in, what-would-be.
Arm’s reach from a half-naked picture-
She’s feeding the hungry;
making plenty of men richer…
Stared at her the time apart, hesitantly…
Another chance to save him—code blue.
“Please just tell me…”
Speaking down a long, dark road, through-
The other side … swept into a glimpse of fate.
What else was in her power? The end-
of a love story … dare not, not to late…
to tell the man she hated then…
She did not wish for him to die.
Could not ignore his good deeds,
nor imagine love built on a lie.
Three minutes, she pleads….
Doom was at hand.
He wanted her to love him enough.
To leave him, let go of his hand…
Staying by his side was rough.
Her cherished smile and voice so sweet-
was all he ever wanted … not swallow the hurt.
Rushing in the rain … rising to shaky feet,
she dropped the rose and an angel fell, in the wet dirt…


© Sonya Rose

Oceans Apart

December 11, 2008 § 2 Comments

It’s been a long time
since I saw the tide roll in.
Since I’ve seen your face
wondering where you’ve been…

Hiding deep in the ocean,
you never swim above,
sinking in constant emotion.
Are you drowning in love…
of no more?
Or is your love hidden,
knocking on my door?
Could our touch be forbidden?

If you choose to float ashore,
you’ll find that I’ll be there
no more.
But don’t look for me, if you care…

You’ll hear me in you heart…
for we’re oceans apart.


© Sonya Rose

Old Familiar Light

December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

Maybe the reason
why I can’t love you:
I lost my heart
in your room.


Come cover me with
In your room.


A blanket of the past
keeps me warm-
In your room,
In your room,
I’m lost
in an old familiar light-
In your room.


© Sonya Rose

Seasons of Sorrow

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There was a time for us to laugh and cry.
How can I get by winter to see July?


There was a time when our garden grew.
How will I plant seeds without us two?


There was a time when the ocean was warm.
How do I swim without security in a storm?


There is a time when the leaves fall:
And a time for your soul to leave it all…


© Sonya Rose

Loving You?

December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

So sorry for what I said-
a desert growing in my head.
How do I tell you so,
punching high and low?


Stop the pain inside.
Your touch is where I abide.


Open a world to emotion:
A stormy past scatters in my ocean.
I drown in taking another chance.
Surf upon these waters and dance.


Look into my eyes and what do you see?
Blinded by the light in me.


No more laughter, in the pouring rain…
How do you explain
the thief in the night who stole my days,
and misguided my ways?


Always told what to do…
I have finally escaped the face of you.


© Sonya Rose

Strangers in Love

December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment


Your eyes


sparkle in the dark


as I say my goodbyes.




my name across


your heart.


Love is not a loss.


A river flows apart


our souls.


We can never drown.


Devotion strolls


to another town.



© Sonya Rose

Memory Bay

December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

Did you ever wish upon a star
dancing alone in the sky?
Shining so bright from afar…
As if never wanting to die
from your sight…
to stay forever…
fulfilling your one wish tonight
and leave you never?


But, promises
that lie on a string
become so heavy. Kiss
the air—of nothing;
You become prisoner
locked in the night.
What does occur
is a life not right.


Walking away,
you crossed
deep waters of yesterday;
Onto a bridge, you’re tossed
into the morning … you left on a whim;
Simply gone away…
And, your heart still beats by him,
washed ashore on Memory Bay.



© Sonya Rose


December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment


He controls the tide;
runs at my side.


No where to hide,
I jump on the ride.


I long to fly low.
Where will I go?


Back to each other,
my lover or another…


© Sonya Rose


December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment


Walking on broken glass,

my feet are bleeding

in the unexpected,

the uncontrolled.

Patterns are far…


So you awake in

fate’s numbers

and your life

is a looking glass.


© Sonya Rose


December 11, 2008 § Leave a comment


The wind screams.

The leaves dance

in the cold streams,

in ritual romance.

The sun seldom shines.

The last animal dines.

Behind a cloud

Fall takes off the shroud;

I feel the great chill coming.

The birds stopped humming.


© Sonya Rose

Birch Tree

December 16, 2007 § 8 Comments

Have you seen her, high on a hill, linking earth and sky?
Her blossoms unveil the blessings of life.

Give gifts of peace and freedom to a heart’s cry.
Have you seen her, high on a hill, linking earth and sky?

The most ladylike of all trees, I can most identify.
Her fertility and reliability flow deep in the afterlife.

Have you seen her, high on a hill, linking earth and sky?
Her blossoms unveil the blessings of life.

© Sonya Rose


December 13, 2007 § 1 Comment

The Lovers. Painting by Rene Magritte.


© Sonya Rose

Smiles from Heaven

December 13, 2007 § 6 Comments

A Poetic Memoir / A Page of My Life

I sometimes lift my eyes to the setting sun.
Without paints, I create while on the run.
Every thought and every move, I find…spirit in eternal sands,
wisdom in wonderlands…
gripping my heart.
The waters allow me to start-
swimming in a current thought
deep beneath its forethought…
Beyond every wave,
every breath God gave-
reigns a silent kingdom;
a peaceful medium-
inner – unrhymed,
a complete up climb.
Oh, I close my eyes;
watch how time flies…
I see a familiar face
smiling…we’re not far from this place-
Heaven…Whatever you do-
Share your dreams with someone true…
the ones who love you…
who really love you.

© Sonya Rose

Yesterday’s Run

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Close your eyes and see…
What will set you free?
Does the wind brush your face (anymore)?
…ever so softly in a special place?-
Listening to the waves
Come closer, they all crash in lonely caves…

A vision sprung by desire…
You have walked your soul through the mire.
Try to heal your wounds from the fire.
Balance your life on the wire.

Take that chance.
Learn to dance.

Never count those years-
Move on. Fight the tears…

Lift your wings to the sky
And fly…
Towards the sun-
Farewell yesterday’s run.

© Sonya Rose

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