Turning Point

October 19, 2007 § 1 Comment

Have you ever seen a soul bloom in a radiant rose?
Or the hearts of lovers beat as one in the knowing sea?

Have you ever read the multitudes of minds speak in prose?
Or souls and spirits rise to a common destiny?

The beauty of a sunset, I could never draw or paint.
Sublime skies plucked from sacred strings of devotion.
Hidden thorns fall in my hand from the head of a saint.
Behold a staircase rising from the depths of the ocean-

Transcendental music plays to the seafarers, the faint.
Note for note, I climb in indescribable emotion.
Step by step, I gaze at the rose gold paint.
My palette is alive in freedom’s face of devotion.

A tiny treasure of paints illuminates love’s threshold.
So many steps for a story of life, to be foretold…


© Sonya Rose


October 15, 2007 § 1 Comment

Mending love parts,
he reaches hearts.
Crossing a bridge
on a pilgrimage,
I fade into a song
My music plays
from sunrays.
He stops to watch me
walk, fall into the sea…
My only fear is he,
Creator of destiny.


© Sonya Rose


October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

Fifty Stars illuminate, radiate
As I create and separate one state.
Fire fate, my portrait
Without a stable mate, disintegrate deadweight.
Heaven can wait, slowly evaporate
And motivate into a feather weight.
Not too late to be someone great,
Exaggerate and meditate, dominate.
Rotate the formic freight and hallucinate
Levitate to fabricate the animate.
In subway cars suffocate the heathens
Who hate, intimidate, and agitate
The Kates, Nates, Tates, irritate
The compassionate, retaliate, nauseate
Capitates vacate the city gate, re-create
The nation state and alienate
The freak in your workweek
Determines the right sneak
To swallow a sheik for the meek;
But, do not turn your cheek and speak.
Batteries in the minds of the weak
Dress in shimmer, sleek and chic.
Who peaks in our physique-
While the eagle flies without his beak,
And the bear walks without his feet…
On bed sheets constructed of concrete
Forgo the fear as you greet the street
And meet hunger in the heat of defeat.
Time takes the seat of an athlete, compete…
The chance to cheat, burn boards, hearts delete.
Make the situation sweet, repeat the heartbeat…
If we are all just meat, then the soul’s suite is beat.


© Sonya Rose

Nude Mood

October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

Dream alone.
No one to own
My beautiful flaw
My face in the raw-
City of strangers
Daring for dangers-
Illusions I keep-
Reality I reap.
Still with me:
My soul is free.
One love to find.
Speak simply mind
Simply said, one head-
Body in my bed.
Without you,
No one who’s true.
Perfection is old-
Dreams are sold.
In the dark night
Something’s not right…
I’m alone tonight.
Again, I know fright.
Where are you?
Who’s the better two…
The last face, pitch-dark
Sleep naked in the park.
5:40 A.M., Mars
In the city of no stars.
Close my eyes again.
Every now and then
I wake from one dream
In another soul’s stream.


© Sonya Rose

Love’s Ascent

October 10, 2007 § 2 Comments

An ocean of love can be found.
Familiar attraction of souls bound-
To heaven, where past and future meet.
Hearts in a palace dissolve freely in heat.
The language of lovers bridged by a gap
Reflect the treasure in a mortal map.
Sailing in skies, pulled by moonbeams
Spirits embrace in the key of dreams.
Time fades into a secret stone.
Shatters into pieces of the unknown
Man and woman, born from love’s will.
The beauty of two stands still.
Gazing into heaven-sent eyes,
Looking together past the skies…


© Sonya Rose

Guessing Games

October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

Everything you were fades into this…
And one more careless thought, killed my bliss.
There’s something wrong with you still here…
You were afraid of something…self-inflicted, random fear.
So no more secrets to tell, no more white lies…
How did you feel against the quiet goodbyes?
I bet they stuck to your heart
And broke apart.
Live to tell and let me go-
The truth, these emotions too well I know.
You will never find
What adheres to my mind…
I cannot finish your game.
The dust of five thousand summers I blame.


© Sonya Rose

A Rose among Thorns

October 10, 2007 § 2 Comments

Little white lies, so harmless and free
I woke at night and heard its constant sound.
So why the hell were they killing me-
How could I forget the act, lost and found?
My fingers shaped the melody
Of my longing, my love, and my pain.
Notes and vibrant chords trembled far
Into this night of thunder and rain.
Tomorrow I will arrange to go somewhere.
Anywhere, alone, and I must wrestle
With my soul only, or, if not tomorrow
At least the day after, as soon as I nestle
Into nothing that is not true…true
Far down in my dreams, drifting, shining,
Mirrored in the stars, my heart is sinking
Under the August moon, we are dining.
The hour of us is so enchanting.
How could beauty bring only pain?
Somewhere on the well-beaten path
I lay my heart down in vain.
My pride once sustained me-
Is beginning to fail me now.
What is my excuse?
Troublesome question, “How?”
How did our tension increase?
If only I could forget the breaking point…
My blindness of my lover did not last.
A rose drops petals, no longer joint-
Drawing in deep breathes…my heart is free.
Strange man enters the gate in hopes to-be-
Listening to the music, hours wrong, off-key.
My piano and I hum what’s wrong with me?
The sound of my heart is very faint.
I wonder where my last lover can be…
The man who watches can hear my cry.
I wake from a dream, feel the thorns in me…


© Sonya Rose

Count 3

October 7, 2007 § Leave a comment

Who plays on a piano
with only one key?
I don’t know why it’s so…;
but, it isn’t me.
Misery working for ten years-
Cannot see and cannot hear;
but feels the sun on his face, and her tears.
On the surface, it is clear.
He plays the most beautiful song
for her, the sun; he asks to enter
a room, where he went wrong.
Ten years of loneliness is the center
of why he shakes when he reads-
the black writing in his head.
Permeate mark his deeds-
for a goddess to get out of her bed
and share, for his lost world…
She has no use for him anymore.
Tosses his existence, heaven is hurled-
A ball of the universe, son of a hymn … “what for?”


© Sonya Rose

Cradle the Boys

October 7, 2007 § Leave a comment

The best of brains
Unbroken chains
Unforgotten nights
Unreachable heights
Lost are the boys
And their toys,
Burned in flames,
A mother blames
The devil
Who enjoys to kill


© Sonya Rose

End Endurance

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

The voice of hungry beings
have shattered these walls,
spread across the world.
There are no halls
to echo pain.
The bleeding of wounds …
no outlets to plug in beautiful melodies,
spinning tunes,
one light through a pinhole.
Who will see the power,
the maker of our soul?


© Sonya Rose


October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

I want to live near the watch tower,
to weed the forbidden flower.
I want to live longer than the stars;
to someday step foot on Mars.
I want to hold the ocean and not get wet.
Our eyes in this journey are seldom met.
If I could jump in the fire and not burn;
then, I dance in a circle of no concern.
If I could be one of the biggest sleuths…
I am home now in this universe of truths.


© Sonya Rose

Little Star

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

Unveil the dark eyes
of the universe,
blinding light.
I am falling through;
embracing him.
Dreaming day
on earth…
Silent kiss
A circle eight
the inner depths
of an entrance
beyond a room
of sense.


© Sonya Rose


October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

She hesitates to look in his eyes,
knowing he holds chains tangled in lies.
His charms strips her innocence;
Beyond redemption, he rapes her mind
by his power and speech so blind…
Shaping her image, he carves her cruel.
A hurricane blows violently in her soul.
His mission to destroy beauty in her core:
She hesitates … “Can I love anymore?”


© Sonya Rose

The Saint

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

A message is heard.
A fathom repeats in the third.
No more hope in mankind,
pouring from the blind.
“I am lighting a candle-
to save my soul.” A vandal
laughs. Rising, flying
Above youth and intensifying-
blood shed.
A bible is torn and spread
across a crowd in the dark.
Picking up pieces—mark
A beautiful boy whose horns
are drawn on a face who mourns.
The world turns black;
falling, falling in a crack,
the bottom of a pit.
Climb out and split-
through the flickering night.
I see your spirit take flight.
Forces in a soul,
Places where you’ll
see the face of death,
feel its heavy breath.
“Do you believe in God?”
Never once did I see you nod.
Spared in the path of gunfire,
you prayed in the mire…
Not able to bear that day…
Roll over the ocean in grey.


© Sonya Rose

The Last Mile

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

You were sinking beyond my view;
I swam out to save you.
By the time, I reached your lagoon-
I chanced the dance of your last tune.
Why are giving away your song…
Your name is long,
vanished in my mind;
I leave you behind.
Back to the shore
I grew sore.
It was the longest swam;
I hunger for you in the damn.


© Sonya Rose

The Power of Dreams

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

A thousand empty stares
fills my glass
with fear of pain,
swallowed in a mass
of past lovers and leavers.
Where do they all go?-
To the pits of where
I do not know.
I stand looking
across a glass tower;
Watch sweet
turn bitter-sour.
My mind
is merely a seascape:
My soul
ceases to escape-
this hunger,
burns at the seams.
Don’t deny now
the power of your dreams…


© Sonya Rose

Homage to Jimmy Stewart

October 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

Perhaps, no other actor…

has touched my heart more

than Jimmy Stewart;

I watched him one night … hurt.

He was a guest on the “Tonight Show”

and read a poem of his dog Bo.

I cried in the end … and too, the day-

he could no longer stay.

Many times I have seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

His work was second and first, his wife.

He chose films of great measure:

His wealth exceeds the greatest treasure.

Thank God he was born to act-

A good role model and that’s a fact.

He gave his all—throughout his life

and then, one day, he lost his wife.

He appeared to quit after her death;

In their garden, he took one long breath-

From all those lonesome nights, he wept…

For all the lonely days … he slept…

For all the times he could not eat…

For all the times he felt beat…

The good promise was with him.

I’ll never forget how his eyes grew dim-

and body grew frail, without clipping one toe nail.

In front of him … stood the golden trail-

His life’s mate was waiting for him;

To join in spirit … leave a world so dim.

Yeah, that one day came all too fast: “the end”.

The movies he played in … made my heart mend-

For all one needs to know in life is love:

The kindness he showed before reaching above.

So no matter what’s your situation…

or how bad appears the nation…

Light will radiate behind every door-

Be careful which one you open (in your heart), peace or war.


© Sonya Rose

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