Soul Stain

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Once upon a fascinating script
With a lapsed, long past
More to come from the crypt
Another person to cast
Misery, company, bit lipped
Luscious, many eyed, typecast
Babe in the superscript
Hanky-panky, marital overcast
Sexy lingerie, ready to rip
Trailing from suitcase, makefast
In the retro mobile, courtship
New York plates, I trade-last
Pocket only set of keys-dealership
Sex kitten sense, shame-fast
Privilege to circle in his ego-trip
Reaching a boiling point hard-and-fast
Witness the aftermath-relationship
Cruel demands, androgynous, by past-
Souls of those men who wish to slip
Into the real Roxanne, legs open vast


© Sonya Rose

Lit’l Miz (a poetic play)

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Lit’l Miz: Listen. I don’t belong anymore.
You got me going the wrong way poor.
No where near two things; you’re too far-gone
In your head I’m not there in red…come-on
This could be a new day; my friends might forget.
Picking out flowers for a future, a safe bet,
You had your money; you worked very hard.
Play on…play on; where’s my backyard?

Wolfe: Interesting it is; I get you things.

You’re no where near…not fit for kings.
Unbelievable, is action your star?
Anchor woman…I gave her a rental car.
Come through for everyone…there’s some
Great guys out there and you’re with a bum.
These guys have it all and what I blame-
Is your beauty and tears on top of your game?

Grams: Does she have anything?

What happened to the gifts she was to bring?

Wolfe: I am damned to hell with pain,

My eyes all a blur…I’m going insane.

Grams: Is that an excuse? You’re lying, look-see.

Mistakes up to forty maximum, where’s my coffee?
My relief…I’m sorry whatever you want.
You lack, your father comes to haunt…

Wolfe: I want this pain to stop.

I want her to come back, my red ragtop.

You know I would do anything for you…I could

Open my heart to you, Lit’l Miz Ridin’ Hood

Lit’l Miz: I can’t express romance while your ground

Is unforgivable, love I have lost and no friendship found.

Narrator: With soulful screaming,

Lit’l Miz’s baby and Wolfe’s wild dreaming…
Rose over the city, unending…
Into a tale without a happy ending


© Sonya Rose

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