The Jacarda Blues

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

The Jacaranda Tree lives within me;
A fantasy, I become a planted city.
You say “How pretty, the colors of thee.”
I agree it’s a mystery, the only hue I see.
Oh, how I wish to be free; what I desire to be…
Below me, there is a man on bended knee;
I don’t know for sure if he holds the key-

To turn the wooden lock of my purple tree…
Like the dark days of the deep-sea,
Never to blink, eyes frozen in eternity…
And with a long, strong stare of you-and-me
My trumpets fall, hearts-free
Never to finish my biography
And speak of The Smile of Rosemarie

So, who wears my rounded crown, he or she?
Can there be three…carefree
Days to last…hey come look-see
I’m now low-key and a humble-bee
Flies fortunately with a sip of my honey…
And with the love for money; hey, I’m no dummy-
We all want something yummy in our tummy.

But, isn’t it funny…
How the blues blossom when it’s sunny?


© Sonya Rose

Peace Soldier

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Dying, slowly changed-
you. Faiths exchanged
for Hope.
Examine under a microscope,
All is rearranged

Circles, shapes of a soul,
no start or finish, a loophole,
complete in its entire,
with energy, befalls a bonfire.
Your life is whole,

piece by piece,
a dream, a masterpiece;
What the Master weaves-
a miracle conceives
a child of peace.


© Sonya Rose

Yes, Dearest

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Heaven, can you hear us?
Stop the crying.
Heaven, can you see us?
Help the dying…
Are you there-
feeling our pain?
Souls are in your care…
Our hearts contain-
a slaying, secular song.
Will you send
the strong
to descend?
We hear a warning,
trumpets on high;
coming in mourning,
we don’t ask why…


© Sonya Rose

Sleeping Eve

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment


God paints our lives with his mind,

sculpts—with his body,

composes—with his soul,

choreographs our entire journey with his spirit…

the increasing height of immortality

is sleeping


© Sonya Rose

Master Plan

December 2, 2007 § 2 Comments


In a dream,
I saw a man I knew;
In a dark stream,
he smiles through-
dreaming into the airflow;
I know-
The most beautiful man
flies above my head with a plan…


© Sonya Rose

Puzzle in the Mind

December 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

“Hold fast, my beautiful one.

Sail across the barriers of time.

Reach deep within my waters

and find me in the center-

My existence.

Do you hear the most beautiful rhyme

singing in heaven?

Come closer, little one;

Can you see me?

Can you forsee-




© Sonya Rose

Into the Light

December 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

In loving memory of my paternal grandmother Pearl, Hall, Atkinson, the female relatives & friends who have gone before me…who have guided me.

Every mountain I climb, I find you waiting at the top.
How many times, have you seen me drop-
to the dirt and bawl?
Again, I slowly begin to crawl…
I hear your voice and I rise
marching onward to the awaited sunrise.

The moments my heart is full;
You share with me love and write a poem for my soul.
The times when the sun shines on my face,
I close my eyes to feel the warmth of your embrace.
When the rain pours down on me,
It is your strength that I am grateful for thee.

I see you glowing in all the earth.
To every season, you give birth.
The colors of your spirit, I find in the leaves of a tree.
Angels in the snow, you send to watch over me.
I see fields of roses and my heart’s desire…
Thank you for warm summer nights and my soul to retire.

Your love is sweeter than honey from the comb;
for you came and waited to take our loved one home.
Stayed to hear her sing one last song for you in the night,
You kissed her lips and parted hand in hand into the light.

All alone, now, I cry…
Father, I never could say goodbye.
Someday, I will see you again;
I love you forever, until then

© Sonya Rose

Immortal Love

December 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

A universal dialect spoken through the Great Room:

An open channel of immortality linked to life’s womb…


© Sonya Rose

The Rock

November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

I will follow the Man
who made the stars in one night.
He paves my path
from the break of light.

In the evening and morning,
He parts the sea~
So I may walk on dry land…
grow His living tree.

For every season,
there are signs to mark;
To count the years~
count the bark.

Travel in the sky and sea.
Keep on multiplying…
Unravel the mystery
of life never dying.

See Kingdoms
move before me~
on hand
and knee.

Follow the gold road
among the flock.
Forever leaning
upon the Rock~


© Sonya Rose

Deep Waters

November 18, 2007 § 2 Comments

I cannot explain

how the wind blows…

I only can feel…………………

touch the place where love goes.

I wonder what it would be like~

a story trapped in the sky

see the lines fall……

from heaven’s high………

These scattered messages…

…….can’t piece together my living space.

Close your eyes………………..

Do you see my face?


My soul

is not far…

from this place…


© Sonya Rose

Heart’s Abyss

November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

The sun pours with honey,

spread on a bed of rays.

Nature is moved before me

in God’s guided ways.

Let’s swim in the moon’s sea;

slide through the Milky Way…

Our hearts of a brilliant hue

lead yet another risky pursue.

Out of my soul … a spring…

My spirit knows

commitment, a covenant ring-

hides where wind forever blows.

Cover me in an eternal stream…

Hold my exploring eyes.

I feel your heart burning

in scarlet skies turning.

You speak of an awaited sunrise,

the language of my heart,

way above the earth, rhapsodize;

I sense your soul, my counterpart.

Never is there a love that dies,

a playful gift from the start…

I see our bodies drop to the ground-

Sing for me … an amazing sound.


© Sonya Rose

Free Indeed

November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

Perfection is found
in the deep…
Moving across sound,
the Ruler, too, can’t sleep.
Walks on clouds.
This vision of rings
faces the crowds,
offer openings.
Orbiting the sun…
and no where to run.


© Sonya Rose

Sleeping Artist

November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

God paints our lives with his mind,

sculpts—with his body,

composes—with his soul,

choreographs our entire journey with his spirit…

the increasing height of immortality

is sleeping


© Sonya Rose

Fragrant Life

November 14, 2007 § Leave a comment

A passing bell swings.

Petals of passion

fall three evenings:

common compassion,

equal encounter,

blowing battle blur.

A brilliant-cut dream

bridges suns and rays,

arms in prayer team,

unlimited days,

luminescent lights,

the sting of death rites-

Mosaics of you

…mourn the lovely view.


© Sonya Rose

The Hopes of Heaven

November 14, 2007 § 2 Comments

Staring at one moment in time,
The surround walls vanished.
Sound swept into a void of rhyme.
The beating of my heart banished.

I fell under the surface of a dream.
Held in vehicles, rapt in sleep,
My soul maneuvers to scream.
Earthly treasures to reap.

Fiery sticks, I walked onward.
Faith, repress the part of me.
Chaos travels. Walking toward
Familiar, forgotten fantasy

Coercive crossfire ignites.
Derailing daybreak,
A voice speaks beyond the lights.
“If I should die…my soul to take…”

Step by step, I turn to daylight.
My alarm clock displays seven.
I surrender to the Night-
And a vision,
the hopes of heaven


© Sonya Rose

The Journey

November 14, 2007 § Leave a comment

I looked into the skies tonight.

I see your face just shining bright.

I’ll keep you near and hold you tight

and live with your love for one more night.

The thoughts in my head, I will cherish forever.

My love for you would change not ever.

I would love to be a dove just flying free~

for the world, I’d have all to see.

To be the one just flying high,

across the long and lonesome sky,

would slowly bring a teardrop to my eye.

To see you grin, to see you smile…

for you, I’d walk the earth’s endless mile.

All the journey through life, they will come to an end,

and all my love for you, they’ll send…


© Sonya Rose

The Great Healing

October 21, 2007 § 4 Comments

Open your heart and share-
your love by God’s decree.
Pray for the suffering everywhere.

The world in great despair
fights to be free…
Open your heart and share-

Invite strangers, foes into your care;
Green peace embrace…Heroes of harmony-
Pray for the suffering everywhere.

Respond with spiritual welfare;
Here with me, heal the agony.
Open your heart and share-

Touch the center of prayer.
The world needs you, like a mystery-
Pray for the suffering everywhere.

In changing times, prepare
to march with mercy…
Open your heart and share-
Pray for the suffering everywhere.

© Sonya Rose

Sweet Angel

October 21, 2007 § 2 Comments

I came face to face

with an angel of grace.

His arms were free;

he danced with me.

The beat slowdown,

a waterfall tumbled down.

Without a sound,

my heart is heaven bound.


© Sonya Rose


October 21, 2007 § 2 Comments

Heaven wraps around
a fiery ball on a cane,
held by a ghost so round;
who created the stars,
moon, and sun…
that we are…
what we feel…
Who is not far.
The heart is real,
holding a city…
where innocence can stay,
addresses the committee
through a bright doorway.
Warnings of gifts into rust,
a world of plentiful gold,
a body of dust…
to rip a bionic blindfold
before a masterful facade~
Have you ever seen the face of God?


© Sonya Rose

Divine Intelligence

October 21, 2007 § 2 Comments

The Divine is open, the wise one and famed.
The meaning meant nothing once, now something to me.
I thank my female ancestors, who created my ESP,
Nourished my people and protected the earth with magic.
A part of every friend’s culture when rituals were named.
They healed, summoned, assisted, and tracked every birth.
Knowing the secrets of everything on earth,
The powers of the moon, and the longings of the sick,
They created language, writing, art, and arithmetic.
Their ceremonies and prayers for another
Became one with the source of life; Great Mother
Of all living things, the light of my candlestick
Master storytellers of the ancient myth; they write-down
The omens…passed the gods and goddesses for me down

Many truths come as I talk to the moon.
I am told my knowledge is ancient of the worldview…
And made to remember the truth about creation stew…
I share the same life force with my sisters, the earth, and men.
My soul’s ageless wisdom will survive this given afternoon.
Going back to Genesis through poetry, music, and dance…
Man in our image and likeness, women at a glance.
Center of my being, the secret of who I am-
Connection with the universe with a mind of Zen
My ancestors wondered and worshiped meaning.
They say all religion is about the earth, its greening.
The Graces gave me a mysterious transformation:
In dreams, they showed me how things grow and die;
Reborn into a woman, Lady in the Moon and I

Can conceive a new life and give birth,
Bleed with the phases of the moon vast…
Ancient men threatened my life and took my past.
I have found Venus in 35,000 BCE
A man in the distance said I was the source of worth.
I danced, flew, and shared my all with the wild kingdom.
The Great Moon Goddess, her female trinity outcome-
Spells and rituals performed with phases of her three
Special powers teach the Divine Intelligence decree.
Dominating our thoughts for several thousand years
Until the male Sky Gods became the deity of male fears
Reigning with the power of the sun, with He-
He challenged the older goddess of the sun and moon,
And she became villain, a private in a patriarchal platoon.

The many old tales were rewritten in blinking.
Did Eve create Adam and make him her mate?
Eve is the Mother of All Living who liberates
Life and women, I am a woman; I am life.
Mythology drifted further away from original thinking-
A struggle between forces of evil and good
Rather than a dynamic dance of all things for good; could
Lives on earth become less important than the life to come?
Cleanliness is next to Godliness, all its sum
Who reflected the image of the divine Feminine?
Dirty and impure leader living in another mortal’s sin
A curious thing happened to the Father Gods outcome
As they degraded the earth, woman, the body;
Everyone had trouble finding joy was somewhere to-be.

Warrior classes’ raped the female mind in camp concentrate
Starved the mysterious bodies by force, weapons and the whore-
My league of women and children were amongst the war,
Brutally raped and held prisoner, the slave fantasies of when
Men emerged socially and economically; politically dominate.
Laws and values reflected the myth of the superior male
Warfare was based on a violent, this militaristic trail
On the dawn of the New Age, women had regained the lost gen.
The earth and her creatures now are in deep peril for the chosen-
Many must hold hands on the great merging range.
Through ancient knowledge, can we come together and make the change?
Nothing should go unnoticed ever again.
Nothing should be forgotten, not one name.

We weave our webs at birth; at death we are self-same.


© Sonya Rose

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