River Journey

December 21, 2008 § 4 Comments


Sweet chariot, I am going home.
Walk in the shadows with me,
River Journey…
I must roam
barefoot with company.
Sweet chariot, I am going home,
passing through the gates of Rome,
to the Garden of Gethsemane,
River Journey…
In silence, lies ohm.
In this state, I am free.
Sweet chariot, I am going home.
The ocean’s foam
washes on my feet, a light debris,
River Journey…
I see a dome
above the living tree.
Sweet chariot, I am going home.
River Journey…


© Sonya Rose

God’s Gift

December 21, 2008 § 1 Comment

Every morning, I rise to a canvas, snow-white.
A new experience awaits.
I vision a rainbow of light,
become as a little child who creates.

I am looking at art
though hands of a miracle,
to the center of my heart,
to the depths of my soul.

Taught by the Greatest Teacher,
I listen in silence…
Draw from every feature:
Perfection, Rebirth, and Innocence.

Presented a palette to paint the Prince of Peace,
I stand before the Divine’s greatest masterpiece.

© Sonya Rose

The Queen Rose

December 21, 2008 § 1 Comment


In loving memory of my Oma Rosa


She holds God with one hand.
The other hand is where I stand.
Miles away, I wait for Spring.
To see you bloom and sing,
I will cross the ocean to your land.

The weeping waters dream deep.
Still you are asleep.
Please, wait for me.
Do not part to destiny;
I have something for you to keep.

Wait, wait, do not wither away.
I am swimming so fast this day.
A storm delayed my coming.
I hear heaven is humming:
The 23rd psalm faraway.

In silence, I felt a petal-
Fall before my eyes and settle.
The scent of a rose draws near.
The image of you does slowly appear,
Reflecting off a miraculous metal.

Vanished to a saving place…
Now, this world I must face.
God’s rain came and I washed ashore.
Stumbling across land still unsure…
Here is my heart with you in space.


© Sonya Rose

The Illusionist

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Dear one to light or dark,
A card shark,
Living in a place of sorrow
A conjuror of wealth to borrow
Start building your ark.

A tragic loss, happiness-
A rare gift to suppress…
Unaware fully of his powers
A virtuoso commands troops, stacks of towers
Deceiver of a nation’s success

Entertaining the world by his tricks;
A rich society enters a wizard into politics.
No other has ever accomplished his feats.
This expert rates his acts a highest six.

Touching, feeling-victims’ are frozen,
Reading minds, except God’s chosen-
They are the most challenged.
The souls’ mission written in
Connects to the genius “UN-frozen”

A wonder worker aware of his powers…
No longer frightened of past hours;
Facing the reality of his existence,
A miracle worker will come at our expense.
In economic crisis, a warlock devours.

The expert, the link of illusion-
Stand and be wise, solve the confusion.
Do not be fooled by an enchanter who walks.
Through revelation as the savior, he talks.
Listen. Come to some conclusion…


© Sonya Rose

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