Lose the Lyme: Save the Rhyme

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May is “Lyme Disease Awareness Month”, but for me, it’s every month. I’m a Lyme Disease Survivor. After years of being misdiagnosed/undiagnosed, I trusted my instincts/intuition and was treated successfully for advanced Lyme Disease at Malibu Hyperbaric Medical Center in 2010; referred to by Turn the Corner  …I was very happy that my strength eventually returned. However, it was not long after…that I had another life saving dream. This time to get my breasts checked immediately. In early 2011, I was diagnosed and being treated for Invasive Breast Cancer (BRCA2+) at Pink Lotus Breast Center/Cedars-Sinai and Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group in Los Angeles. I can only hope and pray that I will get through it as well.

“Lose the Lyme: Save the Rhyme” is a poem that I wrote while undergoing treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease. It can be just as disabling and life threatening as Breast Cancer, but does not receive near that kind of attention, which is very sad. Please visit CALDA – California Lyme Disease Association for more information into this tough, debilitating, chronic, hard to diagnose and treat disease. Thank you. Many blessings…and I hope you enjoy my video poetry.


“Lose the Lyme: Save the Rhyme”



I can’t hustle…

when some strange disease has attacked my joint and muscle.

I can’t think straight,

when I’m carrying all this added weight.

I can’t go on believing-

in a system that isn’t seeing.

I can’t dream for too long,

when I feel something inside me is so wrong.

I can’t solve a riddle,

with confusion and crying—dying in the middle.

I can’t do the things that I once could do…

If it hasn’t happened yet, it could happen to you.

I can’t stand the pain at times…

Am I really a victim of biological warfare—terrible crimes?

This is a very critical rhyme,

from a simple soul suffering with Lyme’s in her prime.



Wouldn’t you know, sprinkles are now coming down on my face:

I can barely feel the rain, yet I embrace-

God’s Grace is taking place.

I can almost see in the cloudy skies — a moving staircase.

Close to the ocean, I feel the big wind and my heart race.

Healing begins with a Wounded Healer, at a slow moving pace.

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Love Sky Nearby

May 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

When I look deep into the beautiful blue sky,
I ask, “Why? … Why? … Oh, God, why?”
Why do we all have to die?
Oh, my… (I say this with a sigh)
Sometimes, I just don’t know what to say
when someone has cancer. Now how-to breakthrough
and win this battle, too…
It isn’t easy, but sharing a day like this…
I sure wouldn’t want to miss.
It feels so good inside…
to have no fear, say if I died—
tomorrow… My love will go on
in all the day-glo.
This I know—
because Love tells me so.

..I enjoy writing Carpe Diem “Seize the Day” poems. More so since being diagnosed with node-positive Breast Cancer. I was very fortunate to have received a dream of warning: A big bosom lady appeared to me in my dream one early January morning. Gave me the strong message to get checked now! Don’t wait one more day.

My cancer went under the radar of Breast GYN/self-exams and mammograms (found in an ultrasound/biopsy @Pink Lotus Breast Center/MRI @Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA). I was given my final diagnosis (ILC–Invasive Lobular Carcinoma; LCIS, DCIS grade III, BRCA2+) during the world-wide festival of “St. Agatha of Sicily” (Catania), Patron Saint of Breast Cancer.

My cancer tumor was cut out following—the reports—Valentine’s Day.

“Love Sky Nearby” was written on the top of my head the day before Earth Day/Easter weekend. The images were filmed on what would have been my wedding day [4.8.2011]. That’s been postponed until I finish my chemotherapy treatments… further undergo bilateral skin sparing mastectomy and reconstruction.

This poem is a very simple one, but one that I can only hope—most around the world could relate to—especially when it comes to just wanting to “really” live for the day… as if it’s endless like the sky. And to be able to share it with the ones we love, well… is more than words could say.

I wish you all the best on your journey. And, most importantly, enjoy your day wherever you are…


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Valley Heart

April 20, 2009 § 2 Comments

In honor of National Poetry Month, I give my free flowing poetic thoughts and aspirations; tapping into Mother Earth [our natural and spiritual life] during troubled times [in America and across the world]. 

Bring your drifting thoughts, too, back into focus by walking in nature: It’s a great way to reinvigorate yourself and gain perspective. 

Mother Earth sends her light and love into all of us this Earth Day and everyday. I can appreciate her better and all her benefits, as my own mother. 

If you are a soul searcher, like I am, there are great places to go—which offer big answers to your questions—that can help you better understand your current situation(s), or simply give you a new sense of direction, especially when you begin (re)thinking about your purpose, your connection…





Is there some one you know like you, just to touch?
Have you found yet a new place that you love so much-
that you won’t stop loving?

A place like someone special is not that easy to forget.
A place—a person, now is it?

I see you can’t take your eyes off-
The Valley of Fire;
I know—I cant.
It’s burning inside of me.

See a moment like this—becomes you. You-
know the moment: You are the moment.
A wonderful moment when fate takes your hand-
and makes you feel like…smiling…makes you feel, well, almost like crying…

So destiny calls and makes- 
you do great things! I bet you don’t even realize them all or just how special you truly are!

And, as my day comes to an end,
I will give thanks for it all—whatever that may be…
Well, just being alive is enough-
in the setting sun!
Yes, a sweet, setting sun keeps my dreams alive:
They are peaceful dreams.

…I stand and wait and still…I wait. Your eyes are-
just amazing; They are brightly beaming. 

Everyday I am-
lost in this valley of dreams;
Just you and I and-
the fire sky, a heavenly breeze,
a kiss on my face, how you come to me-
so tenderly in this beautiful light.
God, you are so beautiful.

What did you say? 

I see…

Well, if you must leave…
I’ll see you someday.
I promise, my Eagle friend.
Tonight I’ll just lay my head upon a rock-
and dream until the breaking of day…a day that will seem to last forever. 

But even in this night—there’s still a light:
There’s still a hope inside my heart that lets me say:
I will hold on till then-
and I will see you again.

I will see you again.
This isn’t the end
You’re my forever friend-
and I will see you ‘for sure’ again.

Good night.


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Loving You?

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So sorry for what I said-
a desert growing in my head.
How do I tell you so,
punching high and low?


Stop the pain inside.
Your touch is where I abide.


Open a world to emotion:
A stormy past scatters in my ocean.
I drown in taking another chance.
Surf upon these waters and dance.


Look into my eyes and what do you see?
Blinded by the light in me.


No more laughter, in the pouring rain…
How do you explain
the thief in the night who stole my days,
and misguided my ways?


Always told what to do…
I have finally escaped the face of you.


© Sonya Rose

Birch Tree

December 16, 2007 § 8 Comments

Have you seen her, high on a hill, linking earth and sky?
Her blossoms unveil the blessings of life.

Give gifts of peace and freedom to a heart’s cry.
Have you seen her, high on a hill, linking earth and sky?

The most ladylike of all trees, I can most identify.
Her fertility and reliability flow deep in the afterlife.

Have you seen her, high on a hill, linking earth and sky?
Her blossoms unveil the blessings of life.

© Sonya Rose


December 13, 2007 § 1 Comment

The Lovers. Painting by Rene Magritte.


© Sonya Rose

Smiles from Heaven

December 13, 2007 § 6 Comments

A Poetic Memoir / A Page of My Life

I sometimes lift my eyes to the setting sun.
Without paints, I create while on the run.
Every thought and every move, I find…spirit in eternal sands,
wisdom in wonderlands…
gripping my heart.
The waters allow me to start-
swimming in a current thought
deep beneath its forethought…
Beyond every wave,
every breath God gave-
reigns a silent kingdom;
a peaceful medium-
inner – unrhymed,
a complete up climb.
Oh, I close my eyes;
watch how time flies…
I see a familiar face
smiling…we’re not far from this place-
Heaven…Whatever you do-
Share your dreams with someone true…
the ones who love you…
who really love you.

© Sonya Rose

Yesterday’s Run

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Close your eyes and see…
What will set you free?
Does the wind brush your face (anymore)?
…ever so softly in a special place?-
Listening to the waves
Come closer, they all crash in lonely caves…

A vision sprung by desire…
You have walked your soul through the mire.
Try to heal your wounds from the fire.
Balance your life on the wire.

Take that chance.
Learn to dance.

Never count those years-
Move on. Fight the tears…

Lift your wings to the sky
And fly…
Towards the sun-
Farewell yesterday’s run.

© Sonya Rose


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Here in the air of X and O,
I pass right through yes and no.
My soul travels alone
on a path into the unknown.
Sing to me a song
of lovers whose destiny is one.
Wanting, waiting lifelong…
My song is over and just begun.

© Sonya Rose

Child of the Universe

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Mankind plays in the forest
on seesaws.
Starving children
run with ripped wings.
Repeated words they hear
find openings…
Broken dreams
fall deep in my head.
Let them go,
gifts to the dead.
Have childlike faith.
The Master plan is unclear:
travel in the world
without reservation or fear.

© Sonya Rose

Forever Yours

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There is a love song
that Heaven wrote.
I couldn’t even recite
the words or note for note.
Only could I tell you
with my eyes-
the way you move me,
like the song of no goodbyes…

© Sonya Rose

Puzzle Inside the Mind

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Christ from Dead Sea Scrolls

“Hold fast, my beautiful one.

Sail across the barriers of time.

Reach deep within my waters

and find me in the center-

My existence.

Do you hear the most beautiful rhyme

singing in heaven?

Come closer, little one;

Can you see me?

Can you forsee-



© Sonya Rose

Weekend Washaway

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What are you talking about? f words
The girl next door was enjoying her stay.
Lighting strikes, states ask in silver birds.
Another number wakes up in battle’s bay.
This is the worst things will get
No such thing; a girl so bright…
Blue stars, her eyes you’ve met-
While in fantasy, fiftieth flight…
Families can’t act out in court.
Without happy moments…peasants-
Jury was absent, enemies’ barcode the fort.
Safety came and went, letters sent
..Filters, stripes on your forehead
Dreaming this entire stage
…we read in red-
The struggles in the cage of rage;
Time grows, knows, eventually goes…
Justice will be served one day.
A quiet beauty – knows-
Mourns last night, Monday…

© Sonya Rose

Wells of Salvation

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A place in my heart is kept from the reality of the world.
Never troubled or afraid, love is hurled-
Into the air of loneliness, circles of eight:
Eternity floats ashore and makes a date.
A beautiful sight – angels in flight,
…way above acts in the night
Look around you;
Look for a clue
In creation-

© Sonya Rose


December 12, 2007 § 3 Comments

Life is clockworks…
time travels in mysterious ways:
the hours are minutes-
and months, days.
In this world
miles from home
with no one to watch over me…
I am not alone.
If I could wish
on every tree I see…
I wish my wings were clipped
and for a moment, not set free;
then, I could make my footprints
in wet sand…
and able to call
this place … home, my land.

© Sonya Rose

The Touch of Love

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a person’s touch
tells so much.
As to hold,
to speak
and soon,
all fear

© Sonya Rose

Her Face

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She awoke in silence.
All she could hear
was the sound of his heart
beat a night before last.
Everyday to her
is a dream.
Everyday is he.
He is everywhere
she goes…
even to the darkest corners,
he sits…
waiting, watching, wondering
where she goes;
Day after day,
night after night,
the chase is ending.
Cupid is bleeding.
Hearts are fading-
under Love’s arrow,
a dark flame in the psyche.

© Sonya Rose

Blue Morning

December 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

Waiting for the sun…while dreaming of the one.

Paradise will wait

your visit with fate.

Opening the mind,

take a key to find

a heart beating with your heart—”for richer or poorer”.

© Sonya Rose

Colors and Moods

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Eye to Eye

November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

Blinking detail-
half a wing
for the dying;





I hear fate humming.
Distant drumming
marching to his heartbeat
in the desert heat, city street…

© Sonya Rose

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