Avenging Angel

October 15, 2007 § 1 Comment

Inherent glow,
Universal minds,
Souls in an embryo
Making of mankind
Amongst a thorn
A crown
For the unborn
World of sacrifice
Great tribulation
Time, precise
Angel flotation
Talents and crime
Prophecies read
In summertime
Faint misled
Walk forth
In faith
Head north
To the eighth
Chapter of the cross
Die in dust
Lean in loss
Someone to trust
For miles
Mount thy wings.
Shun his smiles,
The angel who stings

© Sonya Rose

Love’s Ascent

October 10, 2007 § 2 Comments

An ocean of love can be found.
Familiar attraction of souls bound-
To heaven, where past and future meet.
Hearts in a palace dissolve freely in heat.
The language of lovers bridged by a gap
Reflect the treasure in a mortal map.
Sailing in skies, pulled by moonbeams
Spirits embrace in the key of dreams.
Time fades into a secret stone.
Shatters into pieces of the unknown
Man and woman, born from love’s will.
The beauty of two stands still.
Gazing into heaven-sent eyes,
Looking together past the skies…


© Sonya Rose

Lucid Intervals

October 10, 2007 § 3 Comments

Words breathe in silent sleep.
Secrets cry in dreaming deep.
I called you floating out to sea-
Our lives as one, God’s mystery…
Passion points to shadows which rise-
Wanting true love-never dies.
Stop before a playful quest.
Fragile roses piled in a nest.
Over sacred shores, a heaven is found.
The search of souls venture inbound…
A last thought of pain, a very last note-
Mankind tossed in a sinking boat.
The ocean’s arms bring forth flames.
Crying, dying, we are never the same…
Our lives are a poem, limbs of a tree.
Swaying your spirit holds the light of me.
Caught in the silhouette of the sea…
Security in worlds spews dark irony.


© Sonya Rose

A Rose among Thorns

October 10, 2007 § 2 Comments

Little white lies, so harmless and free
I woke at night and heard its constant sound.
So why the hell were they killing me-
How could I forget the act, lost and found?
My fingers shaped the melody
Of my longing, my love, and my pain.
Notes and vibrant chords trembled far
Into this night of thunder and rain.
Tomorrow I will arrange to go somewhere.
Anywhere, alone, and I must wrestle
With my soul only, or, if not tomorrow
At least the day after, as soon as I nestle
Into nothing that is not true…true
Far down in my dreams, drifting, shining,
Mirrored in the stars, my heart is sinking
Under the August moon, we are dining.
The hour of us is so enchanting.
How could beauty bring only pain?
Somewhere on the well-beaten path
I lay my heart down in vain.
My pride once sustained me-
Is beginning to fail me now.
What is my excuse?
Troublesome question, “How?”
How did our tension increase?
If only I could forget the breaking point…
My blindness of my lover did not last.
A rose drops petals, no longer joint-
Drawing in deep breathes…my heart is free.
Strange man enters the gate in hopes to-be-
Listening to the music, hours wrong, off-key.
My piano and I hum what’s wrong with me?
The sound of my heart is very faint.
I wonder where my last lover can be…
The man who watches can hear my cry.
I wake from a dream, feel the thorns in me…


© Sonya Rose

Vision Quest in the Hall

October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

What I fear
Disturbing visions
In mirrors

A third force
Searching for one clue

A woman
Comes to romance…
A single one

In one love…
Fate is falling.
Something else

Closely linked-
Identical will
A great risk…

I invite
To nurture

Weaves black and white…
Complex minds

Outer world
A new name

The time
Moving, repeating
Must now return.

The love map
Layers of bodies-

Object of
Men’s local desires…
Fall feelings

Kissing breath
Enhance self

Free the mind…
Private midnight

Unshared life
Sealed away in
Vision Quest


© Sonya Rose

Search the Stars

October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

This is my journey.
Where shall I go?
I, the ram, refugee

Roam in rain, rainbow…

This is my story
Written in a line…

Orb of harmony
Eye of the divine
This is my last song.

See the notes falling…
Heaven, do I belong?
Destiny is calling.

But is waiting and watching I
Shine with stars, sanctify.


© Sonya Rose


October 7, 2007 § 1 Comment

Hands toiled,
clothes soiled,
she breathes
and leaves
her scent.
Back bent,
red skin
so thin
for years,
lost tears
in sleep
to keep
her high;
night’s sigh-
low pay
work day:
Her gift
to lift
my dreams.
Love streams
the sum
of mom.


© Sonya Rose

Child’s Play

October 7, 2007 § Leave a comment

Prancing in water…
playing with fire-
performs a tauter
in magical attire.
Penetrate the wind
aroused in a cloud…
closer and closer, skin
being the shroud…
Beauty within souls
and one last miracle-
gives light to fools…
Who is merciful?

Deceivers walks in
with destruction,
Revelers of sad sin-
an empty suction
are heavy.
He entertains
to levy;
The savage walls,
are built by hands
who evil calls.
Dark power expands…
tear the shroud
from the sun-
Witness someone’s child
who has won.


© Sonya Rose

Woman of Darfur

October 7, 2007 § 1 Comment

She came to me,
blinded by the man
who took her life;
She runs in dark circles.
How can I help-
a blind woman who wished to die…
Who cries to me in my dreams?
In the morning when I arise,
I hear her children crying-
apart from what they do not
The vague trembling of their voices
are heard by the ears of saints (I hope).
The trumpets are sounded
by friends in black holes.
Stand apart, strong.
Do not weep behind the curtains
of your bedroom window.
Stand with visions of charity
in the shadow of the sun (I pray).


© Sonya Rose


October 7, 2007 § 1 Comment

Crawl inside a sufferer’s skin.
One with emotion, two merge therein.
Move into the depths of a soul with sorrow.
Pray together, day and night, for a brighter tomorrow.
Assist weepers with broken heart desires.
See with mourner’s eyes and escape the mire.
Share an experience, written in a book, the everlasting.
Intimacy is sharing the rainbow after stormy forecasting.
Our souls soar to an unfailing height.
Need to walk with you in the Light.


© Sonya Rose

End Endurance

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

The voice of hungry beings
have shattered these walls,
spread across the world.
There are no halls
to echo pain.
The bleeding of wounds …
no outlets to plug in beautiful melodies,
spinning tunes,
one light through a pinhole.
Who will see the power,
the maker of our soul?


© Sonya Rose


October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

I want to live near the watch tower,
to weed the forbidden flower.
I want to live longer than the stars;
to someday step foot on Mars.
I want to hold the ocean and not get wet.
Our eyes in this journey are seldom met.
If I could jump in the fire and not burn;
then, I dance in a circle of no concern.
If I could be one of the biggest sleuths…
I am home now in this universe of truths.


© Sonya Rose

Eye to Eye

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

Blinking detail-
half a wing
for the dying;





I hear fate humming.
Distant drumming
marching to his heartbeat
in the desert heat, city street…


© Sonya Rose


October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

She hesitates to look in his eyes,
knowing he holds chains tangled in lies.
His charms strips her innocence;
Beyond redemption, he rapes her mind
by his power and speech so blind…
Shaping her image, he carves her cruel.
A hurricane blows violently in her soul.
His mission to destroy beauty in her core:
She hesitates … “Can I love anymore?”


© Sonya Rose

Heart Quest

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

I have a passion for knowledge, chart-
the course for the beauty of the heart.
Let’s race into the future to find
the Creator of the mind.


© Sonya Rose


October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

No one can feel
his needs.
He doesn’t let
sorrow show.
Sitting on bars,
he listen to friends
His wings open
a thousand times;
He never flies away…


© Sonya Rose

The Last Straw

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

There’s a pre-existing condition within my circle

that I did not create,

only a part of

the physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

This is a vicious cycle

with too much too expect,

denigrate, or ignore…

I am so tired from opening up

like a rose

when a little sun hits my face;

then, the thunder rolls of

psychological abuse…


It never ends

as there will always be storms

as well as sunshine

in all our lives,

not just mine.

We all survive breakups

within our family

within ourselves

or do we?

I don’t think so…

not according to what I’ve seen-

what I’ve heard

just yesterday.

In my circle,

comes a white-haired man

with straws…

I picked one…

which one do you think I got?

This morning I awoke…

manipulated in a power play

and held onto my straw.

I meditated on-

yesterday, I was confused

and felt guilty…

there is no “I love you but…”

or “see you down the road … maybe.”

or threatening me again…

The attacks are endless

and I wonder as if…

My way is a long and winding one

and the bag behind my back

of feathers is falling out,

one by one,

and I cannot catch

them all…

maybe, I don’t want to~

I’ve had enough.


© Sonya Rose

Wings of Madonna

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

Live with the goal in view
with the deep song
and the woman who sings pain-
wanting to catch birds
in the nets of storms.

She appears like a black shadow
and when I hear her name…

I weep inside-
with tears that cleanse my heart,
my soul, and spirit…
carrying me away-
to the burning path of love.

I hear her song of love
strong after her death.

I thought all will end-
tears, grief, will, and love…
inside of me;
it still wonders constantly.

Those mysterious black sounds
ignore the foot of roots-
hard to for me…
Gives you the very-
substance of art.

No philosopher can explain:
the struggle.

My flashbacks can be
any day,
rolling into-
a private book.
Like cosmic dice,
it’s beyond my control;
for any of my senses
may remind me…

I look in the mirror
and wonder who
that strong woman is…
Holding a mental picture-
I told the truth about my life
and the world cracked open-
swallowed me whole.
Never to speak about it…

Today, I can’t explain…
there’s something about-
the way
or I can’t describe-
the emotional connection-
The deepest secrets
from my heart…
Didn’t know where to start,
no longer frightened of-
those days;
putting myself out there,
my heart of anything.

The past is as much work
as the future;
but, I keep on moving…

…these life experiences
under the blue skies of birds,
are coming closer together-
their shadows move with me…
We all are flying.


© Sonya Rose

The Long Encounter

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

I don’t know how I got into this room in my mind…

I was sitting in-between two dark women
standing beside me,
wanting to be chosen, too,
by whom some may think is
a prophet.

To me, he just told the truth
and kept telling it, over and over;
And it sounded like nobody
wanted to hear it really…

He provided to those…
And handed me, his new companion-
A bar of chocolate,
with his face on the wrapper,
matching the sweetness inside.

A decade ago,
he was much thinner:
I like the way he is now
and the way he was then…

I hope to enjoy the chocolate with him:
Share happiness-
The wish to escape difficulties
in life…
It’s only temporary I hear.

He is now linked to this moment,
making me feel real welcomed, to his table-
I go, how friendly he is towards me.
He said warmly … he will get
the big white empty plates.
There were two others, sitting across from me.
I could tell they love jazz-
just by the way they looked at me.

My friend will be bringing back those
needs, my appetite;
Perhaps, even status or I will restore
his, somehow…

I hear in the past only the rich had plates:
I look forward to being rich.

I don’t know what happened;
but, I looked up in the skies-
and witnessed something horrible,
an explosion…
The plane tore in half…
and I saw the cockpit drop…
The men in it…
My heart could not retain
that pit feeling
in my stomach.

I woke up before my friend ever returned;
now, I don’t know about the future
projects or direction exactly.

Only recall the last words he said,
“Let me get the plates.”
I don’t even know what we were celebrating
or sitting down to discuss
or why he even invited me
to the table.

But, I do know this…
We have something deeply in common:
We love film, poetry, and jazz.
He made a quick dramatic change:
I did, too.
He took a big risk to transform
his situation:
I did, too …

He changed and influenced others
while he was in that room,
even while he left…
Because I’m reflecting now
back to those days…
to today.

He broke away from a dangerous
We both never boarded that plane;
but, we both leaped into the unknown,
into chance.

We represent the powerful symbol
of change, the yin and the yang:
The black and the white.
The eternal is speaking…

Mysterious possibilities-
I face.

All the plans, love, hopes, and efforts-
Were made out to crash: its tragedy
moved its way into the web of relationships
and events—connected with the flight
we never took.

We both feel the rippling effects…

I saw those men, the first group—felt attacked
by their doubts and self-criticism.
I grabbed for their guns
and struggled, feeling out of control
like the way life’s events
are taking me…

I don’t think there is a way
to achieve goals,
making it in a real
down-to-earth way…

No way to leave everything
and rise above
difficulties of the past.

Maybe, a way to escape
an early death
out of precaution;

but, sadly, no way to avoid-

the persecution.

The power of my friend’s mind
moves among millions still;
He’s not aware…
but, I have learned through him
in just one dream encounter…
in these many states of being.
He had a significant place
in our society;
His music
reflected the times…
still we have.
He made me believe
that when no one cares
about your life,
he did…
he understood.

Maybe, he will-
be back again…


© Sonya Rose

Soul of Lily

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

Just the fact
that you accomplished
A brave one.

The intelligent ones
come around
and appreciate you.

See, you’re an easy target:
It’s simple to call you stupid.
Make fun at what you’re doing.

It takes away from them.

You’re doing it.
You came in the world
with it.
You owe no one-

That’s the reality of it.
You’re fine.
You’ve won half the battle;
And about your driving…
you like the adventure.
It’s a huge task
to some people;
To you, it’s no big deal.

Just getting settled into
a new world here-
Loads of planning:
That’s what it takes
for me to travel with you-
and courage,
I could go on and do…

There’s times where
you may feel…
like breaking-up
that you can’t-
handle it-
the truth…
you know
a lot of sacrificing
in those diamond deals.
The bad side, you’ve seen it.

And, I can’t help but wonder…
what if you sacrifice
all this—hard work
and you’re alone with your tears,
sweat, no money saved…

The other woman will do whatever
she can do to make
my friend’s life miserable;
That other woman I hear
wants her man back
it’s playing Russian Roulette;
whose going to win?

I wish … I knew;
I’m not a gambler.
Yet I go back, too,
sometimes and do it again.

It’s a huge sacrifice-
some say.

Years until the youth-
Everyone breaks free
from something…
not right.

A big price to pay
if he decides to go back.
Most return—because they
have no life or can’t make it,
so frustrated…
the broken hearts.

Lie down for a while
if you are so darn tired.
And ask yourself-
when you awake…

Do I have the strength for-
these kind of battles?

A lot of problems … everyone’s fighting:
It never ends.
Too much for me…
How much more can you take?

I take it all in…
I can’t take it.

The world’s changed-
a million times
for the children today,
even for us-
The perfect family world.

The more you age
the harder you work…
Strange way of wanting

And, there’s always someone
who never knows what’s going on…
what happened really:
The Happy Joe in your circle
who never misses the Love Train
who never steals the show
or brings you down.

And, … always someone’s mother
who says she can’t make
Can’t change the situations…
or the past or the future.

I say maybe
she could have-
done something;
even for herself


© Sonya Rose

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