True Union of Souls

March 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

Born side by side
In the waking of paradise,
We opened our eyes by bedside.
A separation of sacrifice-

You and I slept all night long.
We bonded in love-
In a lullaby, in an angel’s song;
Napping in a new world whereof-
We parted to separate families. We chose
To swim in an ocean between our light;
Sharing dreams of desire, we still compose
Romance in the night-

Growing never alone,
We continue to sing, dance, and laugh with the Spirit
Who guides us into the complete unknown-
Waiting to return to the infinite…

Our hearts, we freely give.
Never losing each other to
The insensitive…
Part of me is waiting for you.


© Sonya Rose



Love Somehow

March 5, 2009 § 2 Comments

Who knows love over time?
Hearts cry in open rhyme.
Birds sing in the night
As sun screams for light-
Drums relax; tempt to beat:
Together, soaring summer heat.
Winds are dancing; freely moving.
Sea between souls is grooving-
Yesterdays yearning, temptations toss:
Pages of photos become our loss.
I’m sitting by a familiar stranger.
Waiting next to him, drawn to danger.
Hands glide over two in a plane;
Windows and rain.
He now knows he must love somehow,
Again, someone new, someone now;
But, he can’t seem to find-
True love; she’s always in his mind.


© Sonya Rose

The Greatest Gift

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


In silence, heaven sent you.
Your voice sings to me,
dancing in my view.
I know these dances
where I take chances.
Only one song I sing,
the love you bring.


© Sonya Rose

Worlds Apart

December 21, 2008 § 3 Comments


My world shattered.
My heart battered.
Pain, hate, creeping upon.
Love, need, now gone.
Harsh words, a touch of wrong.
A violent thrust, a broken song.
My love stolen in one dark day,
without a single word to say.
A frozen tear melts in my heart.
I have forgotten the day, worlds apart.


© Sonya Rose

The Heart Tattoo

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


No longer committed to that permanent memory
In my waking head

I ran to remove my desire
Eraser in my head
I scrubbed so hard
My skin bled
A tattoo of
Romantic love and affection
And tenderness
Someone who loves me deeply
Never finished loving me
I ran throughout my home
Not fully using my heart
My life
Filled with fears
Negative energies
Surround me

You’re not around…
Place to purify, shower
Remove the wool,
Safety pins cling
My boundary to a personal life
Turning inward
Remove half the hearts
The playful ways
Men have crossed the boundaries
Strangers to me…
Watch me bathe in the nude
What my knowing says

Washing away old, unwanted thoughts

People dancing in smoky rooms
Fill the hallways
Prosperous opportunities to
Expand your interests

Temporary fix
Baby ness

Different from the get-go
Coming out of the wound
Now, confused and unable to think
Silent, the man who blew
Magic into my ear
Said, “I love you”

Illusion is what others think
Maybe true as I
Fill all the desires
Offers I hide…
All those looking for love
I run past


© Sonya Rose

Return to Reality

December 21, 2008 § 1 Comment


“Today is the only reality” -Anonymous


The saddest word is farewell.
Here I go again, alone, unwell.
Can I love anymore? Please tell.
Look at my body upon the shore. Oh well.
A nightmare which never ends, dreams fell.
Wave upon wave, I blend into sorrow’s spell.
Broken shells, I am no bombshell.
So small and colorless, how helpless, hell-
I am just another face for show-and-tell.
Smiling in this lonely place, I have my cell.

Some say nothing ever goes right.
I try with all my might.
Flash my face in the night.
In someone’s dream a beautiful sight.
Who will hold me tight?
I do not know tonight.
I’m not quite alright…
Giving up, my last fight.

Was it all for nothing?
Do I count for something?
Can I wear your ring?
I have a lot of love to bring.
At times, I am just a thing.
Shells on the shore sing.

Sing me to sleep.
I am sinking deep.
Deeper, I have nothing to keep.
The hearts in my head weep.

I will go back, into the ocean, retreat-
Without love, I am made incomplete.


© Sonya Rose

The Hurricane and The Rainbow

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


One night, my house was blown away
by a hurricane on the night I forgot to pray.
In the morning, I was lost and never me.
Searching for my place, I lost my will at sea.
What kept me from drowning—was the warmth of the sun.
I stretched out my arms to hold someone.
It was the arms of hope that helped me
and the hands of faith that made me see-
on a journey of joy and ecstasy.
Looking back at shore, I ran alongside many lovers.
Some ahead I will slowly discover:
There is no holding back today.
Love is free, free to find a way-
to set its pace and ride with destiny.
And soon, my strength of being free-
will collapse from this run
and cling onto the sun.
I’ll drop on a rainbow and lie down to die.
Look for me in the starry sky.
The colors of my heart, the vision of a rainbow…
My love remains forever, even as I go.


© Sonya Rose

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