Water Mask

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“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” – W.H. Arden


Visions arrive and voices survive
Magical minds will never die.
In dim lit dimensions, I dive-
Days of divinity, shut-eye

Liquefy lines, light reflects
Antique hero, City of steel
Sunsets bleed, cinema connects-
The reality of my rustic reel

Raining hard, lightning’s black

Obscurity in a blue intuitive splash
Pleading with purpose, sinking back
Breathless, sparkling, orange-white flash

Follow me through a screen of leaves
Daring for dangers, serious face of Ocean
Body opens, lower part, make-believes
The Iron Gate swings in constant motion

Handle heavy, hidden in my hand

Sinking with treasures, treading thieves
On Broadway, banging my head, stand
Logic leans low, dawn of red reefs

White sound of keys, hearts lock
Zinc and copper in hair of Venus, she’ll
Wait in the womb, girls of gridlock
Rings of rows, distant dreams, surreal

Written in my eye, equations, multiply

On rainbow stain-glass, first cut, never fear
Love escapes cut-and-dry, pointless lullaby
And fills the sky with despair in hemisphere

Strange languages, pattern of the land
Grey brick buildings, flowing rhythm above
Fallen masters, wrestlers boxing on sand
I swam again from cycles of longing, love

Broken fences, empty houses, crying lambs
Shadows of the tempest, giant phony things
Beautiful bodies form holograms
Harmony kisses away the soft black rings

My irises are green, that awkward grin
Lips touch my cheeks, try to break-free
Surrender and laugh, all the children live-in
A circuit, freedom in a bright color movie

Energy disappears, losing minds, mudflow

Reflections in black and white, one race
Heavenly music glides past so slow
Dancing in costumes as refugees in space

The final girl without a name
Ego laughs, tricksters trespass, all the same
Swimming through temples, mysteries overcame
Barriers, the ascent from brothers of blame

Climbing stairs without steps, principal parts see

The pattern onstage hitting the mark of lies
Upon the making of a moment’s mystery
Bathing my eyes in cold water and slowly rise

Surrender to the surface, a silent screen star
Savage eyes rush to record so to remind
Beauty without meaning, you are
Sleeping immortality, spirituality will find

My soul below water and I anxiously ask-

Fate, will you embrace me without the mask…


© Sonya Rose


In response to My Story found on The Remembering Site

The Jacarda Blues

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The Jacaranda Tree lives within me;
A fantasy, I become a planted city.
You say “How pretty, the colors of thee.”
I agree it’s a mystery, the only hue I see.
Oh, how I wish to be free; what I desire to be…
Below me, there is a man on bended knee;
I don’t know for sure if he holds the key-

To turn the wooden lock of my purple tree…
Like the dark days of the deep-sea,
Never to blink, eyes frozen in eternity…
And with a long, strong stare of you-and-me
My trumpets fall, hearts-free
Never to finish my biography
And speak of The Smile of Rosemarie

So, who wears my rounded crown, he or she?
Can there be three…carefree
Days to last…hey come look-see
I’m now low-key and a humble-bee
Flies fortunately with a sip of my honey…
And with the love for money; hey, I’m no dummy-
We all want something yummy in our tummy.

But, isn’t it funny…
How the blues blossom when it’s sunny?


© Sonya Rose

Peace Soldier

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Dying, slowly changed-
you. Faiths exchanged
for Hope.
Examine under a microscope,
All is rearranged

Circles, shapes of a soul,
no start or finish, a loophole,
complete in its entire,
with energy, befalls a bonfire.
Your life is whole,

piece by piece,
a dream, a masterpiece;
What the Master weaves-
a miracle conceives
a child of peace.


© Sonya Rose

Unidentifiable New Year

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“She cannot stay. With a long sigh-she fades away.” – Taken from the ballet, “Giselle”


Natural narcotics, derriere of narrow-
Lies, lingering lines he secretly commits.
Selling his soul in snow, winter wastes his wits.
Hearing the horn strike midnight harrow…

Wailing waves, my spirit floats-

In the vacant vast of the past…
Snare drums beating fast,
Clicking clefs, thirty-second rests and notes,

Ring of reasons, resurface and relive-
A day of a diamond, dancing debris,
Trust taken from me, hearts-free,
Why must frailties outlive?

What I once dreamed in me,
The phantom of a bride to be…


© Sonya Rose

The Illusionist

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Dear one to light or dark,
A card shark,
Living in a place of sorrow
A conjuror of wealth to borrow
Start building your ark.

A tragic loss, happiness-
A rare gift to suppress…
Unaware fully of his powers
A virtuoso commands troops, stacks of towers
Deceiver of a nation’s success

Entertaining the world by his tricks;
A rich society enters a wizard into politics.
No other has ever accomplished his feats.
This expert rates his acts a highest six.

Touching, feeling-victims’ are frozen,
Reading minds, except God’s chosen-
They are the most challenged.
The souls’ mission written in
Connects to the genius “UN-frozen”

A wonder worker aware of his powers…
No longer frightened of past hours;
Facing the reality of his existence,
A miracle worker will come at our expense.
In economic crisis, a warlock devours.

The expert, the link of illusion-
Stand and be wise, solve the confusion.
Do not be fooled by an enchanter who walks.
Through revelation as the savior, he talks.
Listen. Come to some conclusion…


© Sonya Rose

Soul Stain

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Once upon a fascinating script
With a lapsed, long past
More to come from the crypt
Another person to cast
Misery, company, bit lipped
Luscious, many eyed, typecast
Babe in the superscript
Hanky-panky, marital overcast
Sexy lingerie, ready to rip
Trailing from suitcase, makefast
In the retro mobile, courtship
New York plates, I trade-last
Pocket only set of keys-dealership
Sex kitten sense, shame-fast
Privilege to circle in his ego-trip
Reaching a boiling point hard-and-fast
Witness the aftermath-relationship
Cruel demands, androgynous, by past-
Souls of those men who wish to slip
Into the real Roxanne, legs open vast


© Sonya Rose

Silent Screams

December 13, 2007 § 1 Comment

Prancing in water-
like a river of lions, a marvelous Empire…
I see you burning-I’m getting hotter;
It is you who I desire…
I escape
past the night,
wrapping the moonscape-
the electric light
around my curving body.
Dominate my eyes, spent skin
breath … you’re somebody
Where have you been?
Those pills by your pillow…
at the very portal of this dream…
…it’s not your peccadillo;
Drink the serene, cherished stream-
a stairway of waves into oblivion.
Quiet … the stars begin to ride…
Larger than the soul of the sun,
you and I inhale-exhale passion, open-eyed.


© Sonya Rose

Seized by Forests

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I’m playing darts to the sound of crickets

In a wilderness of dark faces, unfamiliar places;

I sink into midnight, urban thickets-

The storm has ceased. The moon paces…

Shoots with a bow candlesticks

Into my heart, a stranger sits with wicks. Besides-

His handful of burning matchsticks…

He waits for someone. He is patient. He hides.

To the right, another woman stands

Holding the wind, she is silent.

Sings only for a moment in distant lands

Between the present and the colors meant

For her mind; the voice behind

Her soul, dances, takes chances in

White silence, three feathers under masks, the mind

Reveal cathedrals painted in purple tin

Thrown through lots, he lets go; no heartbeat…

Melting on matchbooks, my eyes are burning bittersweet…

There are galaxies inside, shadows of fire,

Fog and crystal; Life is spreading higher…

I am seized by this angry forest, and welding it

Into the exact moment I see fit

To spell your name in candle wax made of twilight

My body is a metamorphosis in the feverish night

I kissed you only once, darker than any pleasure

You are dreaming yourself into a great measure

Of dust spinning a tale of our hunger; the superhighway’s

Threading gold and reveals beings who glow in the Milky Way…

The all seeing-eye trees and the transparent fruits spark

Into breath, into streams of art, beneath the buried bark, the dark.

I will survive pulling stars out of the earth that rise

Upward through your face, your obscure race, reflecting eternal ties…


© Sonya Rose


December 13, 2007 § 2 Comments

Her gates are sealed
And she’s all booked up till May
She doesn’t need anybody
With a row of dimes
To offer her space in time
“What’s time”, she asks?
Time is just a fantasy
What belongs to her is the sum
Of a ray of light which beams
Forth from her eyes
When looked upon
She knows she’s being watched
But she doesn’t care
She has nothing to worry
Her feet have been walking
In mud all the way to the city
Her hands are reminiscent
Of corn drawing sticks
She cannot draw or write
Or see
Without the love in her life
That she needs the most
Her face is like jewels
Worth more than she knows
Yet she hides behind closed
Gates in the night
With heavy burdens
If only she could talk to me
And tell me
She is ill
Feverish with chills
And has to pay
Now for all her sins
Everyone’s, she floats
Out of her mind across the
Brush, the thicket
And holds onto something
Something you would never
Dream of holding onto
Another kind of brush
I come closer to take a look
And she’s painting the sky
She dips her brush into her
Wounds and screams, not for…
She is not jealous or hates
No one for inflicting her with false hope
Or lingering lies
She is the extreme desire
Of truth
As I stand back to view what
She has written
She speaks me to me
Go now and so I do
But, I can’t, hey, but be curious
What she created
So I turn around
And see a blood filled sky
She’s the painter
The poet of life
Who was always there…
Walks with the Shepperd

Who threads my past,
Present, and future
The clone of time…


© Sonya Rose

Save the Miles

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“Your father’s days are lost to you. This is the time here to do what you will do.” – John Mellencamp


Driving around Lake Sunshine
In saving miles-a-thon,
She unexpectedly ventured online.
In wealth and felt drawn
To a high social newsroom,
Today’s forecast of jail.
Heard in this foreign room,
Approaching the cell with bail,
They should be sleeping in-
Their dignity, the others
Came along for the ride, all-in
Very aggressive brothers,
She wasn’t supposed to come.
That’s the bitter end-
Of the Indians income
Trapped in a mirror, rear-end
Of a train on a bank,
For years at the station, ascend
Swords in graves under a tank…
Fighting the ghosts of pretend…


© Sonya Rose

Sacrifice of Mother Earth

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Can you take me higher,
lift my weight from the mire?
Searching for the wealth in me,
I long to be free.
I kneel face down in a cornerstone,
running in a state all alone,
in a country of equanimity
sleeping in no man’s city-
one desert of pain.
Silence, in the poison rain…


© Sonya Rose

Sabile’s Smile

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Sabile Shala was a 91-year old blind ethnic Albanian refugee who suffered from diabetes and lost track of all her relatives in the late 1990’s. I wrote this poem inspired by her spirit and everyone else’s strength of disrupted lives.


Where are my children?
I wish to die.
My sons and daughters of ten,
How will I live and identify?
Your faces in this outcry-
I am ready to reconcile,
With my country who bids goodbye.
If only I can smile…

Once again,
There’s no medication to buy.
My old bones ache when
Night falls and I cry.
Doctors of the World try
And try. Meanwhile,
I found shelter on standby.
If only I can smile…

Men, women, children,
And I are forced to leave; thereby,
I am looking for a doctor to comply
With feelings of suicide and supply
Pills to end this pain in exile
In my house, laughter would occupy.
If only I can smile…

I am sharing my last breaths; whereby,
Strangers assure me I am not senile.
I resemble someone’s grandma, by and by-
If only I can smile…

My children, awhile
I send my love in a lullaby.
If only, I can smile…

But I’ll walk another mile
To heaven for your smile…


© Sonya Rose

Rock Parade

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I saw him beating her
On the church steps, an idolater
Not guilty by reasons of insanity
Undergoing questioning of proclivity;
Cameras inside our minds
Stereos living in mankind…
Searching for a little comfort,
I was led to the Divine, hurt yet alert
Told not to join the Revolution of Lost Minds
Artificial Intelligence march with mankind
To the trumpets of another death
A baby’s breath…


© Sonya Rose

Rapt in Reverie

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I agree…
I don’t
really know your country;
But, I won’t
pretend to see
that you and I are truly free-
say to be
Nirvana’s draftee.
Today, I woke up to this dream
on the side of the New World;
And, I was sailing in the bloodstream
to the forgotten old-world


© Sonya Rose

Mister and Me

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Unable to unlock potential secrets, I’m not God.
Codes which are real — frightening, feeling odd
Friends have turned to Intelligence, tease-
For code-busting expertise
How many years on the run…
His hideaway was simple, not fun.
Once he lived in extravagance, what I live for-
Cinematic lore
Where is the cash, the jewels…?
My imagination of the Mister, all-powerful of souls…
In a sense, nothing did match his feelings…
He was involved in sinister dealings;
Hang Low, Mister, they’re going on a manhunt, again…
One of the biggest ever…I don’t know exactly when…
See we share one thing alike….
He and I love to write, type notes of the human psyche.
Tear them up into tiny, tightly wraps-
Resembling a joint perhaps…
He communicated once with lieutenants, golden rods.
I communicated alone, read up on Philosophers’ gods…
Placed their names in books and gave The Greats-
Away to Book Trades all over the
United States
Men and women have read my notes and fallen into my lure.
I’ll never know who they are; we both are mysteries on tour.
Many figures have been arrested and I don’t know-
Who really is now our foe-?
All I know is that in a dream I am told-
To not tell anyone — things…I hold…behold
A father whose son works at a technology firm…
Tells me there is a hidden source of f…a character, a term…
And, I am enticed by a worn copy, its look…
Beside my bed — rests my dream book,
And my bible of arrows, underlining’s words-
Notations of passages…oh, those black birds…
You can tell what has affected me most…
In life, cries of lies…I live now along the coast.
Oh, Mister is amused by me and the sea.
The spiritual musings of him — buried by his favorite tree…
It’s not unusual to find several crucifixes in the home…
Hidden somewhere…
Over here, over there…in the square
For when the time has come-
To roam…one seems to always play dumb…hum. Hum…
For whatever may be-
Will be seeing…you might agree.
The secrets are there…
A vast network where
My mind flies through the columns at night…
Sometimes, I hear the most beautiful voice in flight…
Serenade me so; but, who?
I don’t care about business, love…I do.
Oh, one can study me all they want…
But, just like Mister, we burn the copies which haunt
Our heads…so study the mind…
Cells of codes, prison gangs — you will find, rewind the behind.
Who is being threatened, again? My friend-
How ever far or near, around the bend…I’ll send-
Hope…I pray…we all sin.
We share something real…where you’ve been?
I see blood stained marks on Mister’s hand…
He wants me to hold…to know he’s been in this holy land.
…touched by me, so deeply religious is he.
Sees me as an angel, third generation family tree-
Descendant to a saint
…and all I can do is paint
The image that God is with him
In his last hour, the poetic scriptures he wrote on a whim
Spelled keys, thousands of them to open doors…
He gave me one — f…which links to wars.
Waiting now for his return to paradise
Where he is loved…I am not one high tech device.
I write mostly off-line; I like to keep hidden like Trinity…
In my sleep, I wonder…What is this type of technology-
Not here in my homeland…I wake up the next day
And travel the F line route; it stops how many times everyday
In the past several years…the full time subway…hangs low
…the subway transfer key, say it isn’t so…coming to and fro…
Once again dreaming…was falling asleep on my handbag.
I am walking on a deserted street in peace, the multi-colored flag…
Many of my friends have opposed this war in
I don’t know about kidnappings only of the bald man I vision…fallback-
Militant, communist, I can’t tell for sure; but, he does not harm me.
Has no reason to…we both share — unfortunately…
This social, economic, and political crisis together…
The entire nation, mine and his is traumatized altogether.
I hear there is a revolution to come, prophets say…
Yet, I am sleeping by my books in my library wordplay…
I cry for the Pope…the letters he writes…things he sends…
How many more tragic ends…?
I cannot let my eyes and heart of my imagination show…
The subway doors open, into the streets I go…


© Sonya Rose


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“If I could rewind the time to when it was all good, I would…” – Foxy Brown

Metaphorically freeze the flow
From the voice of Jasmine
What the hell do I know…?
Where have you been?
My latest lover is John Doe.
Media-saturated world, live-in
Collector of money, love Miro-
My work, the terror of trade-in
New York chaos, thirsty, tip-toe
Eyes open till bawling, Brooklyn
Flying, gear shifting pride of pro-
Five-style band and dancers drop in
Checking the groovy sounds, po-
Man living in section of sin.
Not knowing where to grieve, go.
The anarchistic joy fest inn
Everyone does his or her blow
Under the devils moon grin.
Endemic dreams of 2000 Gen, ho
Not what you are, tight twin.
Dream pity, master of uh-uh…
Viscerally resonant images spin
Disturbing truths linger low-
Clowns with moaning has-beens
Wigging out, pass the merlot.
Alone at three-thirty, sleep in

© Sonya Rose

Lost to Yourself

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“And you don’t know how my heart cries to see you here so lost…” –Seven and the Sun


Warfare in your mind
To pry out of your head,
The battle is not yours.
No pain, no food, not fed-

Do you have no one…
Higher purpose – you.
The stage is not yours.
No sadness, sorrow in two

Do you not want-
Not willing to heal…
May not be good,
What do you feel?

Lay it out…
You don’t need to cry.
Just a memory being used,
No matter what will come or die-

A chance to prove,
Hold on…don’t give up.
Step out on faith.
It belongs to the higher-up.

No talent too small.
For the world-
Dance, why do you crawl?


© Sonya Rose

love parts

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“Parting is all we know of heaven and all we need of hell.” – Emily Dickinson


Eternal glow
Soul, embryo
Feed innocence
Digesting sense
Missing minds grow

Daring, bearing

Writers wearing…
Him holding her
Cheating cells, capture
Running, tearing

Skin, five in hand
Smell, seek, sight, stand
Fire, air, water,
Earth, ether
Taste, sound, fall, sand

Climb, chemistry
Fantasy, plea
Glancing, dancing
Romance chancing
Risen, slowly me

Dream, facing fate
Forgotten dust
Match, dying gust
Wake, conjugate

Hearts sip, slide, and sing
Phases parting bring
Happiness, pain
Racing, rest, rain
Love greatest thing.


© Sonya Rose

Mangrove Hunters

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Running through the open air
The sound of laughter, me
Things in common with three
Matches of eleven, dozen rare
One state pregnant, identity
The market instructors are
Married in the bathroom minute high
Some want lonely nights
At the B, some still want me
Real some
Forwarding advice
There’s sad
In singular, nick’s in nice
His baby girl, who rolls the dice
In the subway with mice
Carries a book by Sam
Of baseball homeruns
She is unrecognizable as the glam slam
Her strikes-outs are plenty-plentiful runs
The octopus swimming in her head
At 6:20 am
The stone on my ring, its mayhem
Monday morning, awake without a bed
Dream wizard writes like the Who
The lady in the other building turns blue
Falls into her telescope
A witness to eagles without hope
And little elephants crawl everywhere
Without mothers and fathers who
Grow up without eyes to see fair
Their elections of hormones to
Their shaking, let go of the chain
In the mangroves, the link, acid-rain
Bitten by mother earth hunters and mosquitoes
The skiers in the race of fertility knows
Is ceasing; diversity and riches
What’s covered in ditches…


© Sonya Rose

Master Plan

December 2, 2007 § 2 Comments


In a dream,
I saw a man I knew;
In a dark stream,
he smiles through-
dreaming into the airflow;
I know-
The most beautiful man
flies above my head with a plan…


© Sonya Rose

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