Lost to Yourself

December 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

“And you don’t know how my heart cries to see you here so lost…” –Seven and the Sun


Warfare in your mind
To pry out of your head,
The battle is not yours.
No pain, no food, not fed-

Do you have no one…
Higher purpose – you.
The stage is not yours.
No sadness, sorrow in two

Do you not want-
Not willing to heal…
May not be good,
What do you feel?

Lay it out…
You don’t need to cry.
Just a memory being used,
No matter what will come or die-

A chance to prove,
Hold on…don’t give up.
Step out on faith.
It belongs to the higher-up.

No talent too small.
For the world-
Dance, why do you crawl?


© Sonya Rose

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