Valley Heart

April 20, 2009 § 2 Comments

In honor of National Poetry Month, I give my free flowing poetic thoughts and aspirations; tapping into Mother Earth [our natural and spiritual life] during troubled times [in America and across the world]. 

Bring your drifting thoughts, too, back into focus by walking in nature: It’s a great way to reinvigorate yourself and gain perspective. 

Mother Earth sends her light and love into all of us this Earth Day and everyday. I can appreciate her better and all her benefits, as my own mother. 

If you are a soul searcher, like I am, there are great places to go—which offer big answers to your questions—that can help you better understand your current situation(s), or simply give you a new sense of direction, especially when you begin (re)thinking about your purpose, your connection…





Is there some one you know like you, just to touch?
Have you found yet a new place that you love so much-
that you won’t stop loving?

A place like someone special is not that easy to forget.
A place—a person, now is it?

I see you can’t take your eyes off-
The Valley of Fire;
I know—I cant.
It’s burning inside of me.

See a moment like this—becomes you. You-
know the moment: You are the moment.
A wonderful moment when fate takes your hand-
and makes you feel like…smiling…makes you feel, well, almost like crying…

So destiny calls and makes- 
you do great things! I bet you don’t even realize them all or just how special you truly are!

And, as my day comes to an end,
I will give thanks for it all—whatever that may be…
Well, just being alive is enough-
in the setting sun!
Yes, a sweet, setting sun keeps my dreams alive:
They are peaceful dreams.

…I stand and wait and still…I wait. Your eyes are-
just amazing; They are brightly beaming. 

Everyday I am-
lost in this valley of dreams;
Just you and I and-
the fire sky, a heavenly breeze,
a kiss on my face, how you come to me-
so tenderly in this beautiful light.
God, you are so beautiful.

What did you say? 

I see…

Well, if you must leave…
I’ll see you someday.
I promise, my Eagle friend.
Tonight I’ll just lay my head upon a rock-
and dream until the breaking of day…a day that will seem to last forever. 

But even in this night—there’s still a light:
There’s still a hope inside my heart that lets me say:
I will hold on till then-
and I will see you again.

I will see you again.
This isn’t the end
You’re my forever friend-
and I will see you ‘for sure’ again.

Good night.


[In Honor of Nat’l Poetry Month] – MySpace Blog

The Heart Tattoo

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


No longer committed to that permanent memory
In my waking head

I ran to remove my desire
Eraser in my head
I scrubbed so hard
My skin bled
A tattoo of
Romantic love and affection
And tenderness
Someone who loves me deeply
Never finished loving me
I ran throughout my home
Not fully using my heart
My life
Filled with fears
Negative energies
Surround me

You’re not around…
Place to purify, shower
Remove the wool,
Safety pins cling
My boundary to a personal life
Turning inward
Remove half the hearts
The playful ways
Men have crossed the boundaries
Strangers to me…
Watch me bathe in the nude
What my knowing says

Washing away old, unwanted thoughts

People dancing in smoky rooms
Fill the hallways
Prosperous opportunities to
Expand your interests

Temporary fix
Baby ness

Different from the get-go
Coming out of the wound
Now, confused and unable to think
Silent, the man who blew
Magic into my ear
Said, “I love you”

Illusion is what others think
Maybe true as I
Fill all the desires
Offers I hide…
All those looking for love
I run past


© Sonya Rose

Ladies Night

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


The crowds of men
are parting waves.
Beneath the earth
come the dancers.
A voice rings-
One marches
through the crowd
between the present and the past.
A pillar stands…
He is beautiful-
The stranger freezes,
blinded by smoke;
His limbs are stiff.
No escaping…
He is caught
in rhyme, in rhythm.
The notes in the sky
are shadows of his shoes.
His life is a mystery,
a never ending song…
As I follow beauty
in sync-
to thunder
near and far…


© Sonya Rose

The Torch

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


A star sleeps, obituary…

Light evolves in a new shape.

Corners, torn photos, tape…
Marble waves, restless, searching…

Time, the dark waterfall,
a circle eight…
A pattern to see…

knocking at life,
overlapping faces.

In God we trust…
The world in his palm…

I sing

slowly backwards…
the times.


Continue, to sing…

one dance,
one song…


© Sonya Rose

The Time

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


Last night,
all night long,
I dreamed
of the ocean;
in the dark purplish haze,
I was swimming
in the middle of nowhere.
I woke up sweating-
looking at my watch
reading 5:25.


© Sonya Rose

The Painterly Trip

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


Oh, how I wish to be a painting
where all souls gather
from near and far;
A picture to express my soul
in innumerable ways,
an open channel
to eternity.

My spirit emits
ethereal music…
linking you and I
to every single brushstroke.

The mysterious gesture
explores a masterpiece.

If I were truly a painting
and you were the spectator
then touch my surface.
Feel the energy—of the space
you’re falling into…

Travel with me.
Let me take you
on an everlasting trip.


© Sonya Rose

X-rayed with Kisses

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


The eyes will admire.
The ears will listen.
The mind will connect.
The body will touch.
The heart will capture-
The moment of lovers…


© Sonya Rose

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