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To get BY…

don’t you want…

to be like me?

he says……

The Explorer with

Circus faces…



and left


on some…


…getting something

across the hall….
an apparition
girls getting


in operation

my friend

is screaming


as I…
took this blog
for a spin…n








© Sonya Rose

Beautiful Score

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at Gramercy state park:

hE is waiting last


to tell her…

Ted…would agree

with me

on this matter

everything is coming >>

the second edition

the fourth level…

did she Have any

kids by now?…

my mInd’s eye

becaMe engaged

to a certaiN EXTent

…the eye

of sugar kane

fades into white

with a little tear~

sheet … a twist of fate


© Sonya Rose

Deep Waters

November 18, 2007 § 2 Comments

I cannot explain

how the wind blows…

I only can feel…………………

touch the place where love goes.

I wonder what it would be like~

a story trapped in the sky

see the lines fall……

from heaven’s high………

These scattered messages…

…….can’t piece together my living space.

Close your eyes………………..

Do you see my face?


My soul

is not far…

from this place…


© Sonya Rose


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blame the train……

without wheels

no dust,

(no dust, no dust)

no getting home today

so you’re a loner…

with your experiences


magnetically inclined

to a place you wish

not to go……..

but you have to now

at the speed of sound…

lift away from the lies……

if you must,…………………

try to keep from dying

do not fear the dogs

they’re powerful friends

and it’s raining.

the truth

does blog


© Sonya Rose

Secret Kiss

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notice a hero?
the hero……………..

of an unusual past,…….
a child brought up

in isolation
can he prove

as a dad…



some sign
…in the stars?


he is afraid
and in danger
he is suffering…
he is called…
to follow
his quest…

our paths




he did not

the adventure,
it chose him…
so he seeks
or someone
who has been
lost…or stolen
perhaps it is me
and the ring…
he refuses
to surrender
this hero’s way
is not clear to him…
he is taking a detour
to solve the riddle
of us……………..
he is filled…
with dangers,
and temptation
far away…
he goes


his guide


can only help
to a certain point
then the guide
is gone
he suffers.
to his
he dreads
waking …
his death
is a rebirth
changes him
in a such a way
of the goal
that’s tangible
is spiritual…
growth is more
than anything….
one night, we met
while i was sleeping…
he asked for my protection,
guidance, and knowledge…
so, i gave him all of me,
a secret kiss-
my life…



© Sonya Rose


a threat

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from the east,…
the sixth project is riSING
she cannoT lead us

tO the tRuth
…to bEAuty
her PerfecT ideals…

she needs enligHtEned
hides under covers
loSE-calls, CommiTted
message abOaRd
message One,

he gave her
no Fancy cars
heaTed mEssages
she has an uncanny
ability to rEad

she coMe-
Up with that…
i STarted
to ask mysElf

what is The…

i am tired if…

Doesn’t It work


E’s relaying to uS

twelve Or so


we are

Under pressure
pretty sTrong

over time…
A vessel

He was clearly
hitting on her
she doesn’t…

make this Up
he’s out to get

he NeeDs…
think thE otheR

should know this,
he says,

she’s a friendly
kind of character
he’s right…
and I already know…
call me the third eye
called the spirit

this takes over;

i could bloG
all day
with visions
don’t want to…
the woRld is callOUs
it shapes you

into thinking
you’re nothing…

i Don’t…

like what i am

the commitment
to stay on top
of things-

your existenCe
doeSn’t matter at all

I cannot fight
the wind
it’s so Strong

at Times
i cannot move
embRaced by the cOld
and wet currents, tuNnels of
trails and tribulations
i hope help is on the way

this is a breakfast-
club kind of feel…


© Sonya Rose

Piano Strings

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the lines
our minds,
we drift
the lands
we explored
as children.


© Sonya Rose

Mother Scorpion

November 18, 2007 § 2 Comments

she can’t afford to play politics


hmm … who can afford to play

politics i say to that man

behind my back…

that’s why we are not



nobody understands…

quite yet

makes sense later…

how much longer

will she wait, the man says

it’s been about two years

he continues…

hmm … i am sorry for her,

this used woman

that year

holds a rope

with a noose…

money falling

out of her pockets

for the contest

of her lover

she goes behind…

the bleachers and starts

to march up the stairs

in the middle

of four

other platforms

with four other woman

who are waiting

on the diving boards

the dirt of loving death

…because i was there

in her shoes when there was

only one woman,

loving the game player

who she has gone back

to what will be known

as heartache seven

written in the sand…

i am writing in his black

book, the damage

he is causing…

i have left New York

and it has brought



to this higher plane

of existence

where my skin

is shedding

from the sun…

i can finally see…

the reality of the situation

below the mark on the breast

from the bite of the fifth

girl stepping up

to the platform…

has faded

across from me

in this private place

is another past love

who rose as well….

much further away

we are from him

who we love

no longer…

we’ve grown

in our senses…

to make our circle


the man who made

US scream…

is vanishing

so, i will stay here

and never go back

or look back

to the moment

i had parted the room

women in waves

were swept away

by one smile…


just one look

and he knew

i was the one

and the one

he did not


on leaving

in the dust

of his very own

hanging by these five

women in the hour


my old skin is raining

on him…

i am glowing

as all he can say

is “he says, she says”

what is this crap?

the she is a brain…

C.R. tells me my vision

or others do not matter


a final God Bless

sad to let this happen


© Sonya Rose

Previsions, along

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a woman depressed

born in the 1920’s

outlived her daughter

and took the funeral


her friend

in the distance, Anne

loves Theater as well

and wonders…

if this striking gifted girl

who reminds the depressed

woman of her daughter

who died…

will be noticed

in her nightclothes…

this gifted girl walks

to her mailbox today,

nothing of importance

is ever in the box

she will have to smash

it and rebuild new

for in her boyfriend’s box

there are 6 letters,

lots of mail…

she had spoke through

my dream tonight

this woman and i was led

to a wonderful surprise

i asked her please

give it to me…

afraid of me now

what will i do?

he’s talking about me now…

i’m on “Previsions”…


© Sonya Rose


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i cancelled to go to the club

two were taking showers

ready to meet

i could not

now, he is being watched

if he’s driving right

he placed the girls

in the rest

of my shoes

beige tweed pumps

…that weekend on the beach

i saw old weapons and went out

the door, immediately past his

rubber boots

dress conservatively, look

at the mirror, see a business suit

so he’s new, parallel…

to the fashion industry

shoes … gold mine information

in Rome..

he spoke English

“how did we get that power?”

a presidential pre-season

when pity should grow up to

be a shame…

“i have been really sentenced

to the world around

Abraham.”, he says-

the bruises on his left cheek

could not be ignored as she

shaved his facial hair

he wore a head


resembling someone

from Palestine

i watched from a distance

as an interview was set-up-


keeping a close-eye if the ball

is thrown at me…

have to get used to handling

the ball, step up to the offensive

side, speak one day

young, inexperienced, talented

positively slow, and they continue

to grow…

the enemy … he

is in our Atlanta

the Prime Minister said

he can’t anymore….

a land of activities

lost half the battle already

here of six


© Sonya Rose

She awoke

November 18, 2007 § 1 Comment

She awoke in silence.

All she could hear

was the sound of his heart

beat a night before last.

Everyday to her

is a dream.

Everyday is he.

He is everywhere

she goes…

even to the darkest corners,

he sits…

waiting, watching, wondering

where she goes;

Day after day,

night after night,

the chase is ending.

Cupid is bleeding.

Hearts are fading-

under Love’s arrow,

a dark flame in the psyche.


© Sonya Rose

Sleeping Artist

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God paints our lives with his mind,

sculpts—with his body,

composes—with his soul,

choreographs our entire journey with his spirit…

the increasing height of immortality

is sleeping


© Sonya Rose

Fragile Thoughts

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The dawn of truth

is found in dark corners

in deep hours.

I hear laughter

outside my window.

In my room,

I hear nothing;

but, the crushing

of my head-

a state

where I live alone.


© Sonya Rose

Touch of Love

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a person’s touch


tells so much.


As to hold,


to speak




and soon,


all fear





© Sonya Rose


deeply you

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i took this moment
to seek in my heart…
a million things, one dream
my seas are swelling
tell me………..
you dream too…
of sailing……………….
in a world of me and you
every day we play
the roles………..
in a secret space….
if i come to you
what will you do?
will you smile…
will you hold me?
will you kiss me?…….
so much more

than my face
will ever show
please know…
it’s you……………
you’re what i need
i wish…………………..
you knew……………………


© Sonya Rose

1 CRUSHED doll

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once she realizes who she is

what she is programmed to do

there is no stopping her…

she’s extremely close

to finding out what this is all


she’s programmed already

…wait … and listen

until the after shock wears off

on the final eclipse of the moon

she put up with way too much
with him…………

there’s no reward,…
no prize….

she wasted her entire thirties
on him

Six … drop

he didn’t leave her

he lost her

he can’t be with her because

she likes to shop at the dollar…

shop with the Others

likes? … i say … i beg to differ

she struggles through life

to make the difference

i have no movers to give her

so her and i are torn and tattered

i am free … free of ignorance,

hate, and crime……..

free in a sense, no big deal

big as you say it…

i am sad then, to see my friend

on the other side alone,

confused, and waiting for my call

i am getting closer…

and cannot let her see

that part of me

unfolding, into thin air

the evaporation syndakit

for the masses

i followed her
through a storm

not knowing

what to do; but, did

i travel so far…

she can hear my call, calling

hungry assets, hibernation laws

heavy burdened, out-of-control

come the vanishing stars

how heavy i have become

the things in my head

now dead

carry me
through the distance

harming no one,

harnessing the rapids

in the covers, one cover up,

Camouflaged party


© Sonya Rose

12 Calls

October 15, 2007 § 2 Comments

12 rings-
I heard in the wall
one night.
The faucet dripped
in a coffee cup,
filling to the top.
My can of coke
fizzed near my ear.
The clocks are ticking together
in between 12 ways
to find the time:
4 in the kitchen,
1 in the wall,
2 in the living room-
in the bedrooms.
3 are missing:
1 shattered in a car crash,
1 died on a wrist,
and 1 remains in the sky-
a dozen ways
to slowly die.
Close your eyes.
Listen to the sounds:
tick … tick … tick… .
drip … drip … drip…
shh … shh … shh…
bang … bang … bang…


© Sonya Rose

Never to Return

October 15, 2007 § 2 Comments

blurry details of a young man’s lot

cute model, actor-like

peering in the window

waiting till others left for work

his image comes through

that window and he now stands

in my apartment, a ghost waiting

till i wake from this dream

i’m calling 911

speaking with the man

the man who helped 7

JACKSON defend

(i’m telling him)

hoping he can pick up the signal

getting away from boy x

i go to the stairwell, the fire escape

and yet, still looking in

at the guy upstairs who slowly

grew obsessed

i’m at the top of a city

building now
asking for an address

on 23rd

the psych room is melting

covering me

getting serious attention

i’m quickly noticed

escaping … with 2 woman

outside the building

see its part of my somewhere


star … another and me

running into a white sedan

on the west side highway, closer

to the water, we locked our doors

i want to be dropped off

to the police

to a junkyard he takes us

we escape somehow … good

boy x comes to the scene

we get caught where there

are all these audio speakers

i try shocking him by electric

volts from cable wires

then, escaping down a shoot

into a store like Sears,

the man from the white sedan

is suddenly there and i yell 911

this time as my cell has no

service. i heard him…

“do it for his SUSAN”, fingers snap

again … i wake from my sleep before

midnight August 9th

and the secret of ISS ferments

he said to me,

“and for you, i never accomplished

that because of my S.U.S.A.N.”



© Sonya Rose

The Vanishing

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

Your name strikes a match
in a cathedral’s latch.
Burning in sound,
place the candle around
the unsearchable.
Stop toying with my soul.
The angels in the dark-
Cry. Hark.
My love fell one night,
throwing wax in candlelight.
Cover my face in this cage.
Turn the page.
Make a wish
and vanish.


© Sonya Rose

The Saint

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A message is heard.
A fathom repeats in the third.
No more hope in mankind,
pouring from the blind.
“I am lighting a candle-
to save my soul.” A vandal
laughs. Rising, flying
Above youth and intensifying-
blood shed.
A bible is torn and spread
across a crowd in the dark.
Picking up pieces—mark
A beautiful boy whose horns
are drawn on a face who mourns.
The world turns black;
falling, falling in a crack,
the bottom of a pit.
Climb out and split-
through the flickering night.
I see your spirit take flight.
Forces in a soul,
Places where you’ll
see the face of death,
feel its heavy breath.
“Do you believe in God?”
Never once did I see you nod.
Spared in the path of gunfire,
you prayed in the mire…
Not able to bear that day…
Roll over the ocean in grey.


© Sonya Rose

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