Seeking Eve

October 1, 2007 § Leave a comment

The Eve who works in a mine,

also works in my unconscious,

in my physical and mental activities.

Tonight, I’m digging-

within my experiences, memories,

my deeper levels of consciousness,

to bring up her treasures,

valuable resources buried within.

I take one long breathe-

here in the City of Angels

and I feel Eve’s rivals

are seeking her downfall,

stirring up past mistakes.

Who are her enemies?:

Who seek to ruin her life-in all of us?

I’m digging deeper,

extending myself again

and going within,

seeking out more inner treasures.

Productivity is something of Eve’s;

so I go underground

where she is unclaimed …

something that is mine,

something that is yours.

Soul for the keeping…

Are you, too, seeking comfort?

Are you, too, seeking Eve?


© Sonya Rose

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