March 6, 2009 § 6 Comments

In silence, a poet is born.
A new life in the universe
Dreaming in light.
A soul awakens
To creation, whose eyes
Reflect the unknown.


© Sonya Rose

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§ 6 Responses to Visionary

  • Entropy says:

    Wow.. Truly inspirational.. Pl continue posting your thoughts on blog, which in my opinion meaningful platform to express & share ..

  • tomachfive says:

    Hi Sonya! How are you doing? Wonderful new work you have made on your site, it’s awesome. You have beautiful pictures, you really do.

    I love the comment you left on my blog. I appreciate that you did like it and understood it.

    It’s wonderful that a person has creative powers too, because we were made in the image and likeness. But, it is also being true to ourselves. And I believe that women could be more poetic than men, when all the time all of us are born of one, awaiting in silence(?)in the womb. Wonderful thought, here in your piece.

  • Darren Wise says:

    The world has been shaped and we all stand here today because of one thing, vision of great people.

    Some beautiful creative thoughts from the heart and soul, well done.

  • Sonya Rose says:

    Very true. Without vision, people perish.

    Thanks for commenting on “Visionary” … where the words leave off, music begins…

  • Beautiful poem!
    Thanks for joining our synchronicity site.
    Trish MacGregor

  • Anita says:

    Its so lovely being here again after a long long time. I can see the poet in you is reborn with every poetry you write.

    You have a beautiful blog and a wonderful site. Love being here more than ever before.

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