Thorns in Me

December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


My stiff fingers shaped the melody-
Of my longing, my love, and my pain.
Notes and vibrant chords trembled far-
Into this night of thunder and rain.
Tomorrow I will arrange to go somewhere.
Anywhere, alone, and I must wrestle…
With my soul alone, or, if not tomorrow-
At least the day after, as soon as I nestle
Into nothing that is not true….
Far down in my dreams, drifting, shining…
Mirrored in the stars, my heart is sinking-
Under the August moon, we are dining.
The hour of us is so enchanting.
How could beauty bring only pain?
Somewhere on the well-beaten path,
I lay my heartache down in vain.
My pride once sustained me.
Is beginning to fail me now
What is my one excuse?
Troublesome question, “How?”
How did our tension increase?
If only I could forget, the breaking point…
Blindness of my lover did not last.
My roses drop their petals, no longer joint.
Drawing in deep breathes, my heart is free.
A stranger enters the gates in hopes to-be
Listening to the music, hours wrong, off-key.
My piano and I hum, “what’s wrong with me?”
The sound of my heart is very faint.
I wonder where my last lover can be…
The man who watches can hear my cry.
I wake with feeling hope still left in me.


© Sonya Rose

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