The Queen Rose

December 21, 2008 § 1 Comment


In loving memory of my Oma Rosa


She holds God with one hand.
The other hand is where I stand.
Miles away, I wait for Spring.
To see you bloom and sing,
I will cross the ocean to your land.

The weeping waters dream deep.
Still you are asleep.
Please, wait for me.
Do not part to destiny;
I have something for you to keep.

Wait, wait, do not wither away.
I am swimming so fast this day.
A storm delayed my coming.
I hear heaven is humming:
The 23rd psalm faraway.

In silence, I felt a petal-
Fall before my eyes and settle.
The scent of a rose draws near.
The image of you does slowly appear,
Reflecting off a miraculous metal.

Vanished to a saving place…
Now, this world I must face.
God’s rain came and I washed ashore.
Stumbling across land still unsure…
Here is my heart with you in space.


© Sonya Rose

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