Return to Reality

December 21, 2008 § 1 Comment


“Today is the only reality” -Anonymous


The saddest word is farewell.
Here I go again, alone, unwell.
Can I love anymore? Please tell.
Look at my body upon the shore. Oh well.
A nightmare which never ends, dreams fell.
Wave upon wave, I blend into sorrow’s spell.
Broken shells, I am no bombshell.
So small and colorless, how helpless, hell-
I am just another face for show-and-tell.
Smiling in this lonely place, I have my cell.

Some say nothing ever goes right.
I try with all my might.
Flash my face in the night.
In someone’s dream a beautiful sight.
Who will hold me tight?
I do not know tonight.
I’m not quite alright…
Giving up, my last fight.

Was it all for nothing?
Do I count for something?
Can I wear your ring?
I have a lot of love to bring.
At times, I am just a thing.
Shells on the shore sing.

Sing me to sleep.
I am sinking deep.
Deeper, I have nothing to keep.
The hearts in my head weep.

I will go back, into the ocean, retreat-
Without love, I am made incomplete.


© Sonya Rose

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