December 21, 2008 § Leave a comment


They panic the rest of time.
The history of mankind
Wrapped in ordinary clothing…
Here is the thing, the mind
Calls out words
Drugs, too small
I’ll be good.
I need you…Call.

He did a lot of thinking.
I refuse to be
A hater
To me
You’re in trouble
Because you went
Too far, maybe
Every once in a while,
I’ll do…whenever I moan-
I don’t want to hear it.
This is what your phone
Is all about
I’m going to set him
Look what he did on a whim
Add a little bit of compromise
Who will struggle the hardest?
How we ended it shook…
Stand off…their
Solution is
They didn’t let go
Try hard not to kiss…
Tell us, crying, whatever
You do
He sounds like a
Nice guy I hope for you
He’s not a little
In public
Making business missy
In her hands
Porcelain dolls
In her eyes, man
Men laughing, breaking balls
Thank you.
It’s the only done
Thing that bothers
I don’t understand
I held on and didn’t
Want to let go of strife
My dream and love
I knew there was
Nothing at all
You’re fired ‘cause.
Take me to Mexico
I’ll love it there,
It’s getting pretty bare
Interesting, pretty
I’m going to fly
Its pouring…it’s raining.
Don’t ask me why…
I particularly like this guy
when I’m with him, I’m high…
So, I will try…
Not to tell this one goodbye…
It’s our time…it’s our sky.


© Sonya Rose

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