Soul Stain

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

Once upon a fascinating script
With a lapsed, long past
More to come from the crypt
Another person to cast
Misery, company, bit lipped
Luscious, many eyed, typecast
Babe in the superscript
Hanky-panky, marital overcast
Sexy lingerie, ready to rip
Trailing from suitcase, makefast
In the retro mobile, courtship
New York plates, I trade-last
Pocket only set of keys-dealership
Sex kitten sense, shame-fast
Privilege to circle in his ego-trip
Reaching a boiling point hard-and-fast
Witness the aftermath-relationship
Cruel demands, androgynous, by past-
Souls of those men who wish to slip
Into the real Roxanne, legs open vast


© Sonya Rose

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