Lonely Queen

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

“At every time I’ve always known that you where there, upon your throne…A lonely queen without her king…” – Lenny Kravitz


Last sign on his face…wishing you could embrace
Him this night…something isn’t right, it’s breeding.
You are hit from nowhere; your body is bare, face
Me…your heart is bleeding, your mind is feeding-

Crazy thoughts right now…the light is growing dim.
A song played so right, your lips, bite and bite…
Parting in pain, hearing pouring rain, its hymn
Skips a beat from the breast to the feet tonight.

Yesterday’s tone…crawl, stand up, moan…Call-
Sorry for lost years, thrown into frequent fears…
A war, soul falling, you are bawling, alone…All
Shot, feel nothing…saving grace of something hears

Your voice of loss…toss, season of birth at the wall-
Marks, his name…wake, blame the soldier in green.
Fast and fall…you’ve been living, loved lost it all.
Lonely queen, he is guilty; do you want to be seen?

You are loved, shoved; he holds you…hurts you above.
The king of your heart comes to you crying; break apart-
The bond on earth, so complicated, empty worth…lost love.
The chance and one last dance with a queen of a broken heart…


© Sonya Rose

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