Lesson In

December 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

“Behind her eyes there’s curtains and they’ve been closed to hide the flames, remains…” – Pearl Jam

I suppose why I ran from…
I don’t know
Ignoring the lifetime to come
Playing a role of Ms. Monroe
I was tired, so lost…
And wanting to find myself
A forgotten line of Robert Frost
Being alone, do-it-yourself
Defines me to a “T”
Say my name, four-
Seasons taught me
Once more
To take away myself
Repair and regenerate
Now, one hand in my bookshelf
Pulls out a letter I hate
While focusing on words,
I wished to say good-bye
To the day I blurred
What you did, shut-eye
I don’t know honestly
How to choose-
I was on the edge
Nobody told you to turn to booze…
Seconds standing on a ledge…
We were meant to travel
Alone and now, I face
The puzzles to unravel
I have loved, had my fill of chase
As my tears are falling someplace,
I took our bond, labeled it stale
I spit it out; you shoved it in my face
Just another Romantic tale-
Is beginning to unfold
What I was in search of, really
Finally feeling my body can hold
My spirit and soul, touchy-feely
I sense my life’s partner is nearby
In lonesome days, my thoughts grew strong
Waiting for a familiar one, why-
I thought I could not survive long
In my head, I think your letter
Made me feel afraid and it’s time
I burned your words for the better…

There are red curtains; I open in the night
Catch me smiling in the spotlight…


© Sonya Rose

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