Love Somehow

December 2, 2007 § 1 Comment

When he looked at her face,

He spoke of beauty and grace.

Every moment before this life,

He spent searching for his wife.

For her soul, for her heart,

Counting the days they spent apart.

What he cannot comprehend…

Was saying goodbye to a friend…

It hurt so much to part.

Holding hands from the start…

When they could actually see

Their lives as one will be, maybe.

How many lives have they lived before this?

A thousand and one and met with a kiss.

They’ve been forced apart for the same-

Reasons time and time again…

Their last goodbye could have been ten.

The birds no longer sing in the night.

As the sun screams for light,

Drums relax and tempt to beat-

To the distant sound of one heartbeat;

Winds are dancing, freely moving.

Sea between their souls are grooving…

Yesterdays yearning, temptations toss.

A touching love story becomes their loss.

She’s sitting next to a familiar stranger.

Waiting next to him, drawn to danger…

Hands glide over waves in windows.

He knows he must love somehow.

Again someone new, someone now…

But, he can’t seem to find-

What feels right, the girl in his mind,

Maybe, in the end, he’ll find his friend.

All the love for her, the angels will send.

Today, she saw lightening cut the sky

Into herself and asked “Why?”….


© Sonya Rose

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