Into the Light

December 2, 2007 § Leave a comment

In loving memory of my paternal grandmother Pearl, Hall, Atkinson, the female relatives & friends who have gone before me…who have guided me.

Every mountain I climb, I find you waiting at the top.
How many times, have you seen me drop-
to the dirt and bawl?
Again, I slowly begin to crawl…
I hear your voice and I rise
marching onward to the awaited sunrise.

The moments my heart is full;
You share with me love and write a poem for my soul.
The times when the sun shines on my face,
I close my eyes to feel the warmth of your embrace.
When the rain pours down on me,
It is your strength that I am grateful for thee.

I see you glowing in all the earth.
To every season, you give birth.
The colors of your spirit, I find in the leaves of a tree.
Angels in the snow, you send to watch over me.
I see fields of roses and my heart’s desire…
Thank you for warm summer nights and my soul to retire.

Your love is sweeter than honey from the comb;
for you came and waited to take our loved one home.
Stayed to hear her sing one last song for you in the night,
You kissed her lips and parted hand in hand into the light.

All alone, now, I cry…
Father, I never could say goodbye.
Someday, I will see you again;
I love you forever, until then

© Sonya Rose

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