December 2, 2007 § 2 Comments

Focus. Change. Narrow
Eyes leap, contract, slit
Emerge in day. Flow
Sound returning wit.

Hear water, waves sense
Snare drums beating fast;
Clicking trains, sequence-
Communicate, vast.

Skin so sensitive,
Dark moment, feel free.
Vibrations, force. Live-
Offspring turn. Greet. See

Bond eternally…
Roam the world. Breathe free.


© Sonya Rose

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§ 2 Responses to Identifiable

  • Blesle says:

    The Earth is grey
    there is no hay
    the water is no good
    there soon will be a flood
    the amazon rainforest
    is burning down with no rest
    Global warming, right now, dominates the news,
    So stop and look at the items you use.

  • Sonya Rose says:

    Well, it is a great “marking” period in our lives; sometimes rather depressing…sometimes, you can feel hopeless about a situation.

    Maybe, it’s the little things that we must keep in mind like cooking with cast iron, try avoiding processed, canned or fast foods and never microwave, especially plastic … too, avoiding products with added fragrance … leaving shoes by the door … buying natural fiber clothes and organic foods … filtering your drinking water … it goes on and on … We learn so much along the way … why “aerosol hairspray” was out of style years ago!!!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your special touch … a very insightful poem I might add~

    God Bless.

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