I am

November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

I came in summer
to see some friends
I left my home
with no amends
My green eyes roam
through people and
laughing and crying

My emotions run
lying, dying…
Who’s the empty sun?

A black hole chain
and I’m on top
far from insane

I hear a distant drummer
beating his heart in hand
Listen to slamming sound
rocking over his land
My music is bound
to a better world
Time, here I am

I came late in summer
just to break those chains
that link to nothing
No more tracks, so stop the trains
through my brain…Stop this thing
Oh, please…these eyes
come closer
Stop me now.

My emotions run
I’m the empty sun

A black hole chain
Once again, I’m on top
I can’t refrain
from a better world

I came in summer
just to flee from attack
who wants me more?
Will I ever go back
to a life of horror?
Hit pause, not run

Yeah, here I am
In summertime

A black hole chain
he’s lying, dying
A black hole chain
my song, now silent…
Happy in a better world

A black hole chain
I smile in silence
A black hole chain
and looks like
in a better world
a storm in silence
I’m in this better world~

I met you in a ring
one crowded night
I heard thundering
no storm in sight

Your eyes I wonder…
slowly talk with you
See my soul is true
Now, so many days…
Time, here I am
So, smile at me
Here I am

There you are
Now, everyday
Smiling back at me~
Smiling at me


© Sonya Rose

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