Heart’s Abyss

November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

The sun pours with honey,

spread on a bed of rays.

Nature is moved before me

in God’s guided ways.

Let’s swim in the moon’s sea;

slide through the Milky Way…

Our hearts of a brilliant hue

lead yet another risky pursue.

Out of my soul … a spring…

My spirit knows

commitment, a covenant ring-

hides where wind forever blows.

Cover me in an eternal stream…

Hold my exploring eyes.

I feel your heart burning

in scarlet skies turning.

You speak of an awaited sunrise,

the language of my heart,

way above the earth, rhapsodize;

I sense your soul, my counterpart.

Never is there a love that dies,

a playful gift from the start…

I see our bodies drop to the ground-

Sing for me … an amazing sound.


© Sonya Rose

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