November 18, 2007 § Leave a comment

i cancelled to go to the club

two were taking showers

ready to meet

i could not

now, he is being watched

if he’s driving right

he placed the girls

in the rest

of my shoes

beige tweed pumps

…that weekend on the beach

i saw old weapons and went out

the door, immediately past his

rubber boots

dress conservatively, look

at the mirror, see a business suit

so he’s new, parallel…

to the fashion industry

shoes … gold mine information

in Rome..

he spoke English

“how did we get that power?”

a presidential pre-season

when pity should grow up to

be a shame…

“i have been really sentenced

to the world around

Abraham.”, he says-

the bruises on his left cheek

could not be ignored as she

shaved his facial hair

he wore a head


resembling someone

from Palestine

i watched from a distance

as an interview was set-up-


keeping a close-eye if the ball

is thrown at me…

have to get used to handling

the ball, step up to the offensive

side, speak one day

young, inexperienced, talented

positively slow, and they continue

to grow…

the enemy … he

is in our Atlanta

the Prime Minister said

he can’t anymore….

a land of activities

lost half the battle already

here of six


© Sonya Rose

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