The Hopes of Heaven

November 14, 2007 § 2 Comments

Staring at one moment in time,
The surround walls vanished.
Sound swept into a void of rhyme.
The beating of my heart banished.

I fell under the surface of a dream.
Held in vehicles, rapt in sleep,
My soul maneuvers to scream.
Earthly treasures to reap.

Fiery sticks, I walked onward.
Faith, repress the part of me.
Chaos travels. Walking toward
Familiar, forgotten fantasy

Coercive crossfire ignites.
Derailing daybreak,
A voice speaks beyond the lights.
“If I should die…my soul to take…”

Step by step, I turn to daylight.
My alarm clock displays seven.
I surrender to the Night-
And a vision,
the hopes of heaven


© Sonya Rose

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