War of the Brains

October 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

I’m a surfing computer geek
Frustrated at the weak havoc
In my life, survival freak
Of intellect, the laughing stock
To my flaky cranial twin
Two sides disagree
Emotional turmoil shut-in
My right brain protest in 3-D
Working together, my ability
For optimal mental, What?
Writer’s blocks save me in ABC
Sensory living in a deprived lot
My right sneaks right in
My consciousness, ask to marry me
Filling my mind with emotions again
And visual vignettes, an open sea
Of associated images, so free
Finding expressions in dreams
Left asserts itself just to be free
Logical diminere, dominant regime
It’s too late, looking in a mirror
There nothing you can do…
You see me? The book’s getting clearer
No review, a self-confrontation is overdo
Victims in time, my friends
Are lost, holding onto something
A symbol of major change lends
Itself to the outer world’s King
Don’t go out! You will get burned-
When sad’s going out, future of no point
Cameras on the porch, slowly turned
To a radial fall-out, situation to appoint
A protector, trials being reflected
Back to you, the energy source
Clock in my head, slowly collected
My neighbor’s flag of Japan; our home force-
Pay attention, recharge, be stable
Find place of safety, process your status
Can you transcend one life’s lesson? Unable…
Some organization order on ship, an apparatus
A shark, a nightly dream I’ve held without a threat
A decoy, able flashes of innocent eyes I’ve met


© Sonya Rose

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