October 21, 2007 § Leave a comment

Renter the rhyme, dwell indifferent
The weight of sorrow pressed to mark
No purpose in life, gut-wrenching accident
Tearing up her heart, fading in a Hallmark
Feeling the need every night to be somewhere
A long lost picture falls of the ballpark
The truth sends her running…He does care
Can just one soul enter the real arc?
She has found a new life absolutely
How about all the warm memories?
Know how to survive minutely-
Stranger’s hands on her house keys
The rain came with one minute invitation
Guest to her kiss kept thinking
Can he pick up the story, page of salvation?
Should she be listening? She’s sinking
Consciousness wrote three finalists
Welcoming the shadows, runway rules
A hazy glow and planes, the checklists
Are on her desk, in time he’ll
Wonder. Male bodies fading into Mozart
One man knew he was dying, blessed blackheart
Struggling for air on broken wings sweetheart
Nails formed into time made art
Could no longer find the energy span
Delusions gave the name, sue ready
Saw her no longer as the future money man
I remember he couldn’t speak steady
Twenty minutes faded into the gray of combat
He’d like to introduce you to somebody
A leading man…Who was that?
Get in the car, missing her, sad-he
Here they go fast…Step on the gas, floor
Company on the road to recovery, healing
He doesn’t know who he is anymore
To tell her exactly how he’s feeling
He’s been talking to the wall, too late
She cannot wait.
Sad is he to be up-to-date.


© Sonya Rose

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