1 CRUSHED doll

October 20, 2007 § Leave a comment

once she realizes who she is

what she is programmed to do

there is no stopping her…

she’s extremely close

to finding out what this is all


she’s programmed already

…wait … and listen

until the after shock wears off

on the final eclipse of the moon

she put up with way too much
with him…………

there’s no reward,…
no prize….

she wasted her entire thirties
on him

Six … drop

he didn’t leave her

he lost her

he can’t be with her because

she likes to shop at the dollar…

shop with the Others

likes? … i say … i beg to differ

she struggles through life

to make the difference

i have no movers to give her

so her and i are torn and tattered

i am free … free of ignorance,

hate, and crime……..

free in a sense, no big deal

big as you say it…

i am sad then, to see my friend

on the other side alone,

confused, and waiting for my call

i am getting closer…

and cannot let her see

that part of me

unfolding, into thin air

the evaporation syndakit

for the masses

i followed her
through a storm

not knowing

what to do; but, did

i travel so far…

she can hear my call, calling

hungry assets, hibernation laws

heavy burdened, out-of-control

come the vanishing stars

how heavy i have become

the things in my head

now dead

carry me
through the distance

harming no one,

harnessing the rapids

in the covers, one cover up,

Camouflaged party


© Sonya Rose

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