My Oasis

October 19, 2007 § 2 Comments

More beautiful than the sound of a kiss in air
Is the voice of past…the present must I part?
The grace of Charis, so fair…
Was she to wed Hephaistos whose heart-

Belonged to Aphrodite
In every feast of the gods?
Became a trilogy of my sisters and me
My father Apollo gave us dancer bods.

We radiate with joy
When our fruits are plenty-
I hold the rose of Troy.
My sisters tie myrtle and dice to free

Love circling in cages
Weaving together our clothes…
Fluttering, butter wax pages
Link a sweet union and grows

Out of girly gates built low
Standing over a shadowy hill,
I draw my golden bow.
Head to lead the dance of grace not kill.

Who kills my spirit, my soul?
I bend my head.
Whose life is cruel
Earthly love escapes my bed-

And follows me in dreams
Where my sisters hold hands.
The sound of the world turning seems…
To form every journey of ours in black sands-

The closer that I come to the realization
Of destiny tangled in faces and places…
The more difficult, a natural revelation
Courage taken into the morning of one oasis…


© Sonya Rose

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§ 2 Responses to My Oasis

  • philosophyoflife says:

    Enchanting – with such mystique of romance.

    Aphrodite would indeed ‘tremble’ at such poetic verse only matched by the beauty of its author.

  • Sonya Rose says:

    I was inspired to write “My Oasis” after reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. I came across the book in my travels to Asia … was drawn to it immediately.

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