Bride of the Sea

October 15, 2007 § 2 Comments


Once accompanied as she ventured out to sea
A double-crosser enslaved her. Her vows broke free.
She searches for the coast while storm swords toss her.
Her crystal clear skies form struggling pools of blur.
The echoes of serpent sirens become fiercely louder.
Her inner beauty forbids shining inside her.
The storms of stress penetrate within her soul.
Her tempestuous heart battles indulgence of a fool.
Into bays of betrayal, her torn veil sinks.
The blood of despair, she hesitates; she drinks.
Closing her golden eyes, she rests on sea bed-
“For better, for worse” the last words said.
The morning after her body was found ashore-
By the man who sealed eternity to heaven’s door.


His suffering never escaped seaside.
“Bring her back!” Only the tide
embraced a vision to shore.
Her soul locked outside Heaven’s door.
Reflecting … only to fall down.
Commandments break ground.
Funeral by dawn seem to last for years.
The traces of her love buried in his fears.
Afraid to leave the sea of their wedding song…
The echo of her death humming mortal wrong…
The sequence of sin, the friction of souls-
The pain in his heart tolls…
“Forgive me, Father, for this night.”
An angel in anguish kissed his lips, a sad sight.


© Sonya Rose

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§ 2 Responses to Bride of the Sea

  • philosophyoflife says:

    It is uncanny that I had just completed a poem of ‘The Siren’ on Friday…

    However, when I view your poetry I am lost within a mind of dreams – so captivating are they.

  • Sonya Rose says:

    Yeah, I read it … that is strange. Good work btw. Keep channeling your thoughts…

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