Whirlpool of Change

October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

“When a soul comes down from Heaven, it is both male and female. The male aspects enter a male child and the female aspects enter a female child. If they are so deserving, God will cause them to find each other and to join in marriage. This is a true union.” – Zohar

A soul falls
From heaven’s halls
Deep, dark splash, one,
Creation of son,
Sacred fire, mate
Trillion star, blur, fate
Eyes open, close, world
Bodies still curled.
Imagine. Keep
Drifting in sleep.
Mystery, peace
Hearts apart, cease.
Healing, bringing.
Music ringing…
Without, dying-
Love sighing.
Ask me to dance.
Eternal trance
Laughing, crying.
Raining, sighing
Rings of stars fade.
Face unafraid
Heaven and earth-
Bonding at birth…
Until we meet
Vision one beat.
Fulfilling fate,
Passing soul mate
Wind dancing, light
The returning flight,
Predicting part
Infinite dart
Wandering soul,
Starlit whirlpool,
Shattering walls
Destiny calls.


© Sonya Rose

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