Nude Mood

October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

Dream alone.
No one to own
My beautiful flaw
My face in the raw-
City of strangers
Daring for dangers-
Illusions I keep-
Reality I reap.
Still with me:
My soul is free.
One love to find.
Speak simply mind
Simply said, one head-
Body in my bed.
Without you,
No one who’s true.
Perfection is old-
Dreams are sold.
In the dark night
Something’s not right…
I’m alone tonight.
Again, I know fright.
Where are you?
Who’s the better two…
The last face, pitch-dark
Sleep naked in the park.
5:40 A.M., Mars
In the city of no stars.
Close my eyes again.
Every now and then
I wake from one dream
In another soul’s stream.


© Sonya Rose

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