October 10, 2007 § 1 Comment

Fifty Stars illuminate, radiate
As I create and separate one state.
Fire fate, my portrait
Without a stable mate, disintegrate deadweight.
Heaven can wait, slowly evaporate
And motivate into a feather weight.
Not too late to be someone great,
Exaggerate and meditate, dominate.
Rotate the formic freight and hallucinate
Levitate to fabricate the animate.
In subway cars suffocate the heathens
Who hate, intimidate, and agitate
The Kates, Nates, Tates, irritate
The compassionate, retaliate, nauseate
Capitates vacate the city gate, re-create
The nation state and alienate
The freak in your workweek
Determines the right sneak
To swallow a sheik for the meek;
But, do not turn your cheek and speak.
Batteries in the minds of the weak
Dress in shimmer, sleek and chic.
Who peaks in our physique-
While the eagle flies without his beak,
And the bear walks without his feet…
On bed sheets constructed of concrete
Forgo the fear as you greet the street
And meet hunger in the heat of defeat.
Time takes the seat of an athlete, compete…
The chance to cheat, burn boards, hearts delete.
Make the situation sweet, repeat the heartbeat…
If we are all just meat, then the soul’s suite is beat.


© Sonya Rose

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