Lucid Intervals

October 10, 2007 § 3 Comments

Words breathe in silent sleep.
Secrets cry in dreaming deep.
I called you floating out to sea-
Our lives as one, God’s mystery…
Passion points to shadows which rise-
Wanting true love-never dies.
Stop before a playful quest.
Fragile roses piled in a nest.
Over sacred shores, a heaven is found.
The search of souls venture inbound…
A last thought of pain, a very last note-
Mankind tossed in a sinking boat.
The ocean’s arms bring forth flames.
Crying, dying, we are never the same…
Our lives are a poem, limbs of a tree.
Swaying your spirit holds the light of me.
Caught in the silhouette of the sea…
Security in worlds spews dark irony.


© Sonya Rose

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