Snail Mind

October 7, 2007 § 2 Comments

Zen mind, the virgin mind

Please empty my mind for anything…

Resurrect its opening: Embracing everything.

Many possibilities slowly I must find~

But in the experts mind there are few…

I think that I already knew.

I am much less open when I am not two.

I have stopped looking for clues to blast through…

The learning curve tapers off as soon as I say

I don’t know,

So, I am opening neural circuits where I must go~

To search for information, solutions may

Have me holding all the resources I need already…

What is it that has been getting in the way?

My conscious mind day after day…

I want to turn the mirror back around to see~

That I have been conditioned all through my life,

My conscious mind was dumped in the passenger’s seat,

The source of all decision making heat.

My greatest ally is my unconscious mind, a dull-bladed knife…

Never cutting into the question: Can I learn to trust

That part of me, the guide in my words and behavior?

I had learned techniques which made me braver.

I’m not memorizing scripts anymore word for word; I must-

As in any other skill master the steps and the formation

But I never wish to get stuck…

If I had at least thought it through … No such luck.

A few years ago, I found myself in a situation;

I had few days to gather life changing information,

Establish rapport, elicit goals, and induce the trance.

Forget my visions and rediscover a new glance.

I have been seen before in this trance, east elation…

The admonition to trust my unconscious~

Emptying my mind and paying full attention in uptime~

The initial panic which I might feel early on in a rhyme…

My conditioned reflexes were looking for the conscious.

My security blanket and I were freaking out when going

Into a spin of not having a single clue as to what I was going to do

I repeated to relax and breathe; paid attention to an inward clue…

The selection of my words and began a sentence without knowing

Yet how it was to be completed: Verbal expression not always will win…

Consciously my brain was involved, identified language with choice

As involving knowledge beyond that voice

To complete my sentences, talk concepts, ideas, and experiences to win

Through language, I have intuitively selected words

That described tonality and phrases, expressed the internal whole

Once I understood, I was willing to give up conscious control

For the wonderment of watching and listening to the city birds

Genuine and spontaneous, I was in the present moment, my lot~

I bought time from the maker who said to always use my gut

Am I now willing to take the greatest risk and act out of a rut?

My first thought this moment is my best brilliant thought…

I heard myself saying ” … Change” in a silent film forever…

I have often found myself in awe

And mystified by how my unconscious saw

Could have been so clever…

I, my conscious mind, could never have thought

In thousands of years the scattered series of visions

All metaphoric … Could never have constructed these incisions

The right combination of phrases and stacked stories, caught

In my conscious mind one intelligent being…

Listening to my unconscious mind, I do not hide…

Let my unconscious be my guide…

I should have been a hell of a lot smarter … freeing

The Mastermind of slowing seeing


© Sonya Rose

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