Wings of Madonna

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

Live with the goal in view
with the deep song
and the woman who sings pain-
wanting to catch birds
in the nets of storms.

She appears like a black shadow
and when I hear her name…

I weep inside-
with tears that cleanse my heart,
my soul, and spirit…
carrying me away-
to the burning path of love.

I hear her song of love
strong after her death.

I thought all will end-
tears, grief, will, and love…
inside of me;
it still wonders constantly.

Those mysterious black sounds
ignore the foot of roots-
hard to for me…
Gives you the very-
substance of art.

No philosopher can explain:
the struggle.

My flashbacks can be
any day,
rolling into-
a private book.
Like cosmic dice,
it’s beyond my control;
for any of my senses
may remind me…

I look in the mirror
and wonder who
that strong woman is…
Holding a mental picture-
I told the truth about my life
and the world cracked open-
swallowed me whole.
Never to speak about it…

Today, I can’t explain…
there’s something about-
the way
or I can’t describe-
the emotional connection-
The deepest secrets
from my heart…
Didn’t know where to start,
no longer frightened of-
those days;
putting myself out there,
my heart of anything.

The past is as much work
as the future;
but, I keep on moving…

…these life experiences
under the blue skies of birds,
are coming closer together-
their shadows move with me…
We all are flying.


© Sonya Rose

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