The Long Encounter

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

I don’t know how I got into this room in my mind…

I was sitting in-between two dark women
standing beside me,
wanting to be chosen, too,
by whom some may think is
a prophet.

To me, he just told the truth
and kept telling it, over and over;
And it sounded like nobody
wanted to hear it really…

He provided to those…
And handed me, his new companion-
A bar of chocolate,
with his face on the wrapper,
matching the sweetness inside.

A decade ago,
he was much thinner:
I like the way he is now
and the way he was then…

I hope to enjoy the chocolate with him:
Share happiness-
The wish to escape difficulties
in life…
It’s only temporary I hear.

He is now linked to this moment,
making me feel real welcomed, to his table-
I go, how friendly he is towards me.
He said warmly … he will get
the big white empty plates.
There were two others, sitting across from me.
I could tell they love jazz-
just by the way they looked at me.

My friend will be bringing back those
needs, my appetite;
Perhaps, even status or I will restore
his, somehow…

I hear in the past only the rich had plates:
I look forward to being rich.

I don’t know what happened;
but, I looked up in the skies-
and witnessed something horrible,
an explosion…
The plane tore in half…
and I saw the cockpit drop…
The men in it…
My heart could not retain
that pit feeling
in my stomach.

I woke up before my friend ever returned;
now, I don’t know about the future
projects or direction exactly.

Only recall the last words he said,
“Let me get the plates.”
I don’t even know what we were celebrating
or sitting down to discuss
or why he even invited me
to the table.

But, I do know this…
We have something deeply in common:
We love film, poetry, and jazz.
He made a quick dramatic change:
I did, too.
He took a big risk to transform
his situation:
I did, too …

He changed and influenced others
while he was in that room,
even while he left…
Because I’m reflecting now
back to those days…
to today.

He broke away from a dangerous
We both never boarded that plane;
but, we both leaped into the unknown,
into chance.

We represent the powerful symbol
of change, the yin and the yang:
The black and the white.
The eternal is speaking…

Mysterious possibilities-
I face.

All the plans, love, hopes, and efforts-
Were made out to crash: its tragedy
moved its way into the web of relationships
and events—connected with the flight
we never took.

We both feel the rippling effects…

I saw those men, the first group—felt attacked
by their doubts and self-criticism.
I grabbed for their guns
and struggled, feeling out of control
like the way life’s events
are taking me…

I don’t think there is a way
to achieve goals,
making it in a real
down-to-earth way…

No way to leave everything
and rise above
difficulties of the past.

Maybe, a way to escape
an early death
out of precaution;

but, sadly, no way to avoid-

the persecution.

The power of my friend’s mind
moves among millions still;
He’s not aware…
but, I have learned through him
in just one dream encounter…
in these many states of being.
He had a significant place
in our society;
His music
reflected the times…
still we have.
He made me believe
that when no one cares
about your life,
he did…
he understood.

Maybe, he will-
be back again…


© Sonya Rose

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