The Last Straw

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

There’s a pre-existing condition within my circle

that I did not create,

only a part of

the physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

This is a vicious cycle

with too much too expect,

denigrate, or ignore…

I am so tired from opening up

like a rose

when a little sun hits my face;

then, the thunder rolls of

psychological abuse…


It never ends

as there will always be storms

as well as sunshine

in all our lives,

not just mine.

We all survive breakups

within our family

within ourselves

or do we?

I don’t think so…

not according to what I’ve seen-

what I’ve heard

just yesterday.

In my circle,

comes a white-haired man

with straws…

I picked one…

which one do you think I got?

This morning I awoke…

manipulated in a power play

and held onto my straw.

I meditated on-

yesterday, I was confused

and felt guilty…

there is no “I love you but…”

or “see you down the road … maybe.”

or threatening me again…

The attacks are endless

and I wonder as if…

My way is a long and winding one

and the bag behind my back

of feathers is falling out,

one by one,

and I cannot catch

them all…

maybe, I don’t want to~

I’ve had enough.


© Sonya Rose

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