Soul of Lily

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

Just the fact
that you accomplished
A brave one.

The intelligent ones
come around
and appreciate you.

See, you’re an easy target:
It’s simple to call you stupid.
Make fun at what you’re doing.

It takes away from them.

You’re doing it.
You came in the world
with it.
You owe no one-

That’s the reality of it.
You’re fine.
You’ve won half the battle;
And about your driving…
you like the adventure.
It’s a huge task
to some people;
To you, it’s no big deal.

Just getting settled into
a new world here-
Loads of planning:
That’s what it takes
for me to travel with you-
and courage,
I could go on and do…

There’s times where
you may feel…
like breaking-up
that you can’t-
handle it-
the truth…
you know
a lot of sacrificing
in those diamond deals.
The bad side, you’ve seen it.

And, I can’t help but wonder…
what if you sacrifice
all this—hard work
and you’re alone with your tears,
sweat, no money saved…

The other woman will do whatever
she can do to make
my friend’s life miserable;
That other woman I hear
wants her man back
it’s playing Russian Roulette;
whose going to win?

I wish … I knew;
I’m not a gambler.
Yet I go back, too,
sometimes and do it again.

It’s a huge sacrifice-
some say.

Years until the youth-
Everyone breaks free
from something…
not right.

A big price to pay
if he decides to go back.
Most return—because they
have no life or can’t make it,
so frustrated…
the broken hearts.

Lie down for a while
if you are so darn tired.
And ask yourself-
when you awake…

Do I have the strength for-
these kind of battles?

A lot of problems … everyone’s fighting:
It never ends.
Too much for me…
How much more can you take?

I take it all in…
I can’t take it.

The world’s changed-
a million times
for the children today,
even for us-
The perfect family world.

The more you age
the harder you work…
Strange way of wanting

And, there’s always someone
who never knows what’s going on…
what happened really:
The Happy Joe in your circle
who never misses the Love Train
who never steals the show
or brings you down.

And, … always someone’s mother
who says she can’t make
Can’t change the situations…
or the past or the future.

I say maybe
she could have-
done something;
even for herself


© Sonya Rose

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