Razor Blade Grace

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

Pressure’s off-my connection of bonding:

inherited strengths, tendencies-

just the name Rose…

weakness of character,

being put in a cage…

Ah, the universal life of power

and my connection with humanity…

is it all pain or struggle…?

Times of great change,

my death,

my birth…

And blood preceding the change,

the carrier of the spirit

of past lives that live

in me-

Genes I carry: untold generations

of human experience,

with all its pain,

tragedy, and wonder…

And my collective human experience-

a link felt

with the unconscious forces,

subpersonalitites within-

Doorway to the subtle world

of the unconscious feelings…

What pleasure…


I’m pursued by what-

I have created:

My emotions, actions, inaction-

fear of failure


creativity, love

passionate response to living…

Oh, my deepest wisdom

and oneness with things…

The needle in the haystack

is penetrating


And, Eternity’s connecting,

my secret longing…


© Sonya Rose

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