Melting Dolls

October 5, 2007 § Leave a comment

We can never escape

from ourselves-

so much feelings

pursue us through


we meet them…

maybe … in the cracks.

I walked infront of

twenty long range targets-

never shot last shot;

the gunfire was ceased…

so I’m protected

by the sniper

in the shadows.

He’s a bad angel…

and I can’t see-

some form of conflict….

those internal-forces

that I must muster

to deal with difficulties…

courage, agression,

anger, attitudes-

to face my anxieties…

just to feel loved~

Mine’s just another story

being analyzed to death…

and my energy…

sense of existence…

Well, how do I feel about…

life in the womb?

My suitcase…

what others can see…

my longings, attitude

and the red dress,

my strength and power,

my passion…


for the moment…

Reappears again…

all feminine.

What motivates me…?

I’m connected…

getting something done,


meeting the influence of…

This week, I had dreams;

witnessed two dozen killings…

I recognized a few faces~

So, I dream in Action;

it’s no crime…

It’s Hollywood.


© Sonya Rose

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