Way Down…

October 4, 2007 § Leave a comment

“How tight is she with him?”…
A shady character wishes to know.

She thinks his music is lovely;
…never argues with an irrational man.
Remembering the fights:
So bad … So sad that happened.
Stuff thrown against the wall…

It was time to drop it.
Leave it go:
It’s a bad habit for sure.

I’m taking off.
Coming home….
It’s getting dark—and darker.
Seems like … 10 o’ clock in the night.

My sister’s up in the tree crying…
Won’t come down for the world.
Things always getting
physical in the mind.

Makes me turn my world around…
The white space is filling up
and I’m choking. Look at me…
I really need the dark now—
Back to where I belong:
In space…

Just, can’t get involved…
can’t get him out of my mind,
the stranger … gets stranger.

I could see him in the night;
I feel his heartbeat … and…
He kisses me,
shutting me down.
He’s dropping…
Something’s going on inside of me….
He said he’s bi—

I feel vulnerable, unsure,
and I’m penetrating…
Directing his movements
or he’s directing mine.
Our wetware is fading.

We’re disappearing,
reappearing into each other—
like two blind dancers.
He’s just the way I like him:
That’s the way it goes.

I understand him—
beyond the name.

So hard to outrun the dream;
Where’s there’s two of him…
And I don’t know which one—
I’m dashing from…

I’m woven into this experience…

Maybe, we are meant to be.

It’s been so hard—
since falling off the bike;
But, I’ll get back on again
to enjoy the world…
to continue looking at the stars.

Waiting for that moment…


© Sonya Rose

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