October 4, 2007 § Leave a comment

Eating something stuffed:

A savoury, well-seasoned filling

wrapped in a casing of grape leaves-

filled with rice, pine nuts,

raisins, and herbs, though this

Lamb … can’t understand…

What will I need now?

Sunglasses are everywhere…

Let me finish eating:

I have different thoughts

when I think of

olive oil.

With every dish,

salt and pepper to taste,

and the juice of one lemon…

Could not resist the fresh mint.

If I had grapevines in a garden,

I would be lucky;

If I had a garden … a kiss-

I’d let your roses grow~

…being laid out to dry?

The leaves who get burned

every once-in-a-while…

May I just dream of…

timeless luxury?

Still unsure about my feelings

with the Watchmaker-

’cause he calls me Slow.

I tried to put up with everything.

…should have said:

I shouldn’t … put up with everything.

Oh, this Essence of Experience-

…now how exactly did I push

my way through these doors

without loosing my identity?…

I gave away freely my belongings,

money to get here…

Was not in the right frame of mind.

How can I cope … to get places

that I wish to go?

I depend on this big group…

and my sister’s waiting for events

to take us somewhere.

I’ll be getting involved with strangers.

Taking a good look around…

Not where I planned to be:

Not going to miss the bus this time.

I am trying to leave-

something behind: negative feelings-

in this small room…

Just wait for me…

La da da dee da da da da
La da da dee da da da da

Oh, the beat in my heart…


© Sonya Rose

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